Thursday, August 13, 2020

NJ Schools Required to Submit Certification to Meet Executive Order

Lakewood school district
Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 175, which directed the following for school districts:
 -Executive Order 175 allows institutions of higher education to resume broader in-person instruction than what was previously authorized, as long as health and safety requirements are adhered to.
 -Districts are required to certify to DOE that they can meet the health and safety protocols outlined in the Order, and further detailed in the “Road Back,” before resuming in-person instruction.  Private school districts will also be required to submit this certification; 
-Districts that can meet the health and safety protocols shall open to students for in-person instruction in the fall; Even if school buildings are open for in-person instruction on the first day of the 2020-2021 school year, districts must provide a remote learning option for parents or guardians who request it for their children;

Lakewood Planning Board Meeting

Lakewood Planning board virtual meeting today Thursday August 13 at 6:00 pm

Live stream Here
Agenda HERE

SD 1564B Harvard Partners, LLC
 Lanes Mill Road Block 187.15, Lot 9

Thursday August 13 Lakewood News Updates

-Flash Flood Watch from Thursday 8:00 AM  until FRI 12:00 AM Slow moving showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop in the region today. Locally heavy downpours are anticipated. Rainfall amounts as high as 2 to 4 inches are possible in a short amount of time.

-New York State Emergency Medical Services Council voted in favor of Ezras Nashim a all female EMS service in Boro Park and Flatbush  they can now operate with a  Ambulance. The has plans to  branch out and operate in Lakewood and other Jewish communities.

-Tehillim: please Daven for  Reb Michel Zilber Sh'lita who is ill with Carona. His name is Yechiel Michel Ben Chava Yehudis.

Lunch Distribution
-Klausenberg weekend box 4:15 -6:15 behind evergreen
-Tashbar 7:30
- Yeshiva Ktana 6-8 pm

-Trump tweets "Historic breakthrough with the announcement of a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates!!!
-Uman Rosh Hashana: Record number of Corona cases in Ukraine today since the onset of the pandemic may hamper the plans to visit Uman this year
-Town in south jersey votes to rescind license of N.J. gym whose owners repeatedly defied coronavirus restrictions
-LIC agrees to sell 14 acre property in Industrial park atBennet avenue for a price to be determined
-Lakewood MVC has met its capacity and will not be servicing any new customers
-Lunch Box distribution
Tashbar 7:30 pm, Klausenberg tonight

-BD"E: The Shomrei Emunim Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Zt”l-
-Hamodia: The Chassidic world was plunged into mourning Thursday morning, with the news of the petirah of the Shomrei Emunim Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Harav Refael Aharon Roth, zy”a, at the age of 72. The Rebbe had been hospitalized in recent weeks in the Laniado Medical Center in Netanya, after he caught the coronavirus. Many tefillos were held for the Rebbe’s refuah, but alas the gezeirah was

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

JHS: The Steipler Story

Yartzheit is tonight Born into a chassidic home in Ukraine, Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (1899-1985) subsequently studied in the Novardok Yeshiva later becoming a Rebbi at the Pinsk branch of the network. Upon his move to Israel in 1934, he joined his famed brother in law the Chazon Ish and also assumed a position in the Novardok branch in Bnei Brak.

Oif Simchas Lakewood 22 Av 5780

Pinter - Gruskin Ateres Reva
Shoshana - Goldstein Lake Terrace
Liebovitz - Dorfman Ateres Chana

Rare Photo

Rav Aharon Kotler Ztl"with Rav Shach Zt"l over 60 years ago in Eretz Yisroel

Lakewood BOE Virtual Meeting

Lakewood Board of Ed will hold a virtual public meeting today August 12 at 7:30 pm
Watch Live stream HERE
See Agenda HERE
Anyone who desires to ask a question must email to,
between 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. the evening of the meeting, and provide their proper name, full
address and the question

-1.1 Million dollars to LSTA Approval to render payment to Lakewood Student Transportation Authority (LSTA) in the amount of $1,112,084 for 2020/2021 Summer Camp Student Transportation and LSTA pass through.

-Approve to advertise a Bid for the sale of Board of Education real property which was
approved on July 19, 2019, 855 Somerset Ave, a Portion of Block 209, Lot 1.01 for a
minimum price to be met of $1,000,293.53 for approximately 4.212 acres in accordance

Wednesday August 12 News Updates Lakewood

-Weather: Thunderstorms likely. Rainfall will be locally heavy at times. High 87F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall possibly over one inch. Humidity 81 %
- 2 new covid19 cases in Lakewood yesterday total 2709
-Many high school age girls still dont have a school to go to when classes start.

-Camp Chaveirim held a parade to honor the Lakewood police department

-Murphy: Today, I’m signing an Executive Order officially clearing both our public and nonpublic pre-K through 12 schools and our colleges and universities to reopen for upcoming academic year.
NJ DOE  has put forth strong guidelines that put a premium on the health & safety of students & staff while providing avenues by which in-person instruction can safely resume.
Public & nonpublic schools must certify to the Dept that they’re able to meet these standards

- A severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect until 130 pm for northern Ocean county
-Dr. Zelenko: Please sign petition The reason for the resistance against the Zelenko Protocol is because it really saves lives and prevents hospitalizations. This is contrary to big pharma interests and anti-Trump forces.
-Video: Siyum Maseches Shabbos At Breslov Shul In Lakewood here
-  Jackson  township council  passed an ordinance last night banning all short term rentals,  such as Airbnb and it includes  a 30-day minimum on rentals.
-Lakewood based company Streamline verify in partnership with Bikur cholim is sponsoring blood plasma donation drive in Lakewood. Residents can now give plasma localy without driving 2-3 hours. The initiative named "Antibody Everybody" aims at collecting 1,000 units of convalescent plasma from Lakewood residents who survived COVID-19 and have high antibody counts. Organizers plan to keep it going at least twice a week for the next four weeks.(APP)
-JCP&L: Crews have replaced more than 53 miles of wire, repaired or replaced more than 550 poles and 2,500 cross arms, and worked through 700+ road closures.

-Lakewood Planning Board heard an application for a 5 story, Courtyard by Marriott hotel at the corner of  Pine and New Hampshire, with 193 parking spaces. After 3.5 hours of testimony, including  opposition, the board decided to carry the application to this Thursdays meeting .(LNN)

-BDE: the levayah of Harav Ovadiah  Yudkowski Z"L father of the Stutchiner Rebbe will be in the Lakewood Chapel 613 Ramsey Ave at 12 pm

Lakewood Industrial Commission Virtual Meeting

LIC virtual public meeting  11:30 am
Watch Live stream HERE
Agenda Meeting packet HERE
public comments email during the meeting to:

On the Agenda
Resolution authorizing the execution of a Lease of lands identified as a portion of Lot 242 in Block

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Oif Simchas Lakewood 21 Av 5780

Ungarischer – Gross Ateres Chana hall
Halpern – Fried Lake Terrace
Hochman – Moskowitz Ateres Reva
Schnitzer – Koening Fountain Ballroom

Campaign: First Yartzheit Harav Shlomo Gissinger ZT"L

                                                               To Join and Donate HERE
To mark his first yahrzeit and perpetuate his legacy, there will be a multi-faceted evening of events: Hachnosas Sefer Torah, Binyan Shlomo Building Dedication, and Asifas Zikaron featuring a Siyum and divrei zikaron v’hisorirus. Join his family on Tuesday, 12 Elul, September 1, for an historic celebration of his life and legacy.
 Rav Shlomo Gissinger zt”l was a legend - a giant in Halacha, an innovator in the field of Kashrus, renowned for his medical advice, an amazing resource in the area of fertility, and endlessly available around the clock to the klal for every matter, big or small. The Rav’s care and concern for every Yid, and respect for every human being, made him the final hope and destination for all those in need.

Lakewood Planning Board Meeting

Lakewood Planning Board virtual meeting Tuesday August 11 at 6:00 pm
 Live stream Here
Agenda Here updated HERE

During the meeting, you may submit written questions and/or comments via email to the following email address: You must include your name and address in your submission.

SP 2109A RD Lakewood, LLC
 Pine Street & New Hampshire Ave Block 961.01, Lots 2.02 & 2.03
Amended Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a hotel

Daf Yomi Begins Maseches Eruvin

Overview of Eruvin below, Telephone Poles & Communication Wires

Overview of  Maeches Eruvin below

Tuesday August 11 News updates Lakewood

Weather: Sun and clouds mixed. High 89F. Humidity 65%

-375 teachers in the Elizabeth, NJ school district say they will not show up for in person learning this September because of health concerns
-Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for his Vice presidential running mate

 -New Jersey has 498 new positive cases, and 14 new confirmed COVID-19 deaths 7 in August  five in July, and two in April
-Updated list: If you're traveling to New Jersey from the following 33 states and territories, you should self-quarantine for 14 days: AL, AZ, AR, CA, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NC, ND, OK, PR, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VI, WI

-The Lakewood Board of Education is looking for buyers for a 4.2-acre plot adjacent to Lakewood High School a Portion of Block 209, Lot 1.01 at 855 Somerset Ave. APP report that it could be used for 15 homes minimum bid price to be met is $1,000,293.53

-JCP&L restores power to all Lakewood customers
-Livestream Levaya of Sadigura Rebbe ztl Here
- DMV has met it's capacity and will not be servicing any new customers.
-Video: Siyum of Masechtes Shabbos last night in Lakewood Here

Monday, August 10, 2020

Oif Simchas Lakewood 20 Av 5780

 Silverstone - Soloveitchik KMY/ Cheder
Fischer - Kaszirer Ne'emas Hachaim Hall
Gifter -  Sochet Fountain Ballroom Cheder
Rotenberg -  Schwab  Ateres Reva

BD"E: The Sadigur Rebbe, Zt"l Harav Yisrael Moshe Friedman

The olam haTorah and chassidus is saddened by the petirah of the the Sadigur Rebbe, Harav Yisrael Moshe Friedman, zy”a.
The Rebbe had been ill in the past, and he collapsed this afternoon in Bnei Brak. He was rushed to Sheba-Tel Hashomer Hospital, and was niftar a short while later.
Hamodia - The Rebbe, who was a direct descendant – ben acher ben – of the Ruzhiner Rebbe and the Maggid of Mezeritch, zy”a – was the only son and successor of the Ikvei Abirim, Harav Avraham Yaakov Friedman, the Sadigora Rebbe, and Rebbetzin Zipporah, a”h, the daughter of Harav Yosef Aryeh Feldman, z”l. He grew up in the court of his paternal grandfather, the Sadigura Rebbe, Harav Mordechai Shalom Yosef, zy”a, known as the Knesses Mordechai, with whom he had a very close bond.

Daf Yomi סיום מסכת שבת

-Lomdei Daf Yomi will be making a siyum on Maseches Shabbos tonight. A מסכת  that was learned by thousands in challenging conditions during the coronavirus pandemic. The All Daf APP has reportedly seen there no drop off in the number of daily listeners since the beginning of  maseches Berachos, actually a slight increase.

A live siyum will take place online at 7:30 pm watch HERE

The Folly of the Frum Never Trumpers

Yated Ne'eman The Folly of the Frum Never Trumpers

This article is printed in the current issue if Yated.
By Rabbi Avrohom Birnbaum - Aug 5, 2020

Never Trumpers, Conservatives who would rather have anyone running the country – even the strong progressive wing of the party led by the likes of AOC – other than President Trump, are primarily longtime Conservative pundits. Some are has-beens, who are pining after their glory days. Some are rigid baalei shitah who cannot tolerate veering from the script with which they define Conservatism. President Trump is a person not bound to ideology, but rather to pragmatism. He is also a tremendous disrupter of the old order. That irks them to no end.

Monday August 10 News Updates Lakewood

weather: Partly cloudy. High 91F. Humidity 65%

Lunch 7 day Box from Chai4ever 6:30 pm 1221 Madison Ave

-Lakewood covid numbers revised downwards again. The Ocean county health dept has revised lakewood down by negative 18 cases after reporting  24 new ones. The total now stands at 2708/195 with no new cases since August 5.

-Murphy: Trump’s executive orders on stimulus a ‘hollow political gesture'
It’s time to get a true stimulus and response bill to the President’s desk.

 -258 cases and 4 #COVID19 deaths none of these deaths occurred in August.
-Young bar-goers at Shore bars need to wear masks and social distance But if we have to shut places down to protect public health, then we will.
-We’re at lows for ICU beds and ventilators we haven’t seen since early March.

- Trump Raises $5M at Gala Event at Deal, NJ Home of Friend Stanley Chera ob"m (Jewish Voice)

- The Howell Township Police Department  broke up a  "pop-up party" of over 300 people in the Ramtown neighborhood of Howell on Sunday evening, requesting mutual aid from Wall, Brick, Jackson, Freehold, Monmouth and Ocean County Sheriffs Departments, as well as New Jersey State Police, according to authorities. The host reportedly charged a hefty entrance fee

- Howell resident who posted threatening statements on Facebook against the Jewish community of Lakewood has pled guilty to Bias Intimidation  and  threatening to travel to Lakewood with the purpose of assaulting members of the Jewish community with a baseball bat.⁣

-Lakewood Busing Thread:(Imamother) Will there be busing next year, why are bus companies getting paid in full when not providing services, why is LSTA charging money upfront, why not refunding for non used months  read more  HERE on forum

-Lunch distribution:
7 day box at the public schools location  9:00 am - 11:00 am  Menu: Rye bread Bakery fresh cake Deli pastrami Hot dogs Kugel Milk Grape juice Mango Cucumber pickles Cherry tomatoes

-NYT Magie Haberman white-house correspondent:  Spoke to multiple attendees at POTUS fundraiser at the late Stanley Chera’s house in Deal, NJ. Chera’s son Haim thanked Trump for supporting his father, who died of coronavirus. Said Trump called him/the family every day that he was sick. Said he was a true friend who didn’t have an ounce of “envy” in him, according to Chera’s son, whose father backed Trump in 2016. Deal has a large Jewish community, which Chera’s son mentioned, and many of the attendees wore yarmulkes. Others wore MAGA hats. It was something of a celebration of Chera’s life. Haim Chera introduced the president, who began with a joke asking if there were any Christians in the crowd. Some laughter followed. Then the president talked about Stanley Chera; attendees said they were appreciative.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

At Trump Fundraiser in Deal

Earlier today, Mincha prayers are recited at the Trump fundraiser in Deal with Orthodox Jewish donors. Photos Courtesy of @jaketurx

Video below supporters greet the president

JHS: Brisk In The Holy Land

Escaping from war torn Europe, Rav Yitzchok Zev (Velvalleh) Soloveitchik known to posterity as the Brisker Rov, arrived in the Holy Land in the spring of 1941. Though tragically his wife and three of his children weren't able to make it out, the Rov and his seven remaining children continued the Soloveitchik dynasty in Israel.
His oldest son Rav Berel became Rosh Yeshiva, while his daughter Lifsheh ran the house and eventually married Rav Michel Feinstein. Rav Rephoel was his father's dedicated right hand man and

Lakewood to Borrow $20,425,000 via Bonds And Notes To Finance Capital Improvement Projects

The Lakewood township committee authorized in first reading the Issuance Of $20,425,000 Bonds And Notes  and will pay $1,075,000 down payment for said purposes To Finance improvements for projects. The commitee said it expects to repay the bond within 5 years The bond matures in 20 years based on the usefulness of the projects which includes improvements to Vine street. unless paid from other sources, the Township shall be obligated to levy ad valorem taxes upon all the taxable property within the Township for the payment of the obligations and the interest thereon without limitation as to rate or amount. see full bond ordnance Here 2nd reading will take place at next meeting
Projects include:
Road and sidewalk improvements at various locations including, but not limited to, Vine Street, Pawnee Road, Seminole Drive, Genesee Place, Mohawk Place, Iroquois Place, Delaware Trail, Lenape Trail and Route 88, with a total appropriation and estimated cost of $16,000,000
- construction of a code enforcement building, with a total appropriation and estimated cost of $2,000,000
- Township security improvements including, but not limited to, cameras, door fobs, training and building security upgrades, with a total appropriation and estimated cost of $1,000,000
- Police Department renovations, with a total appropriation and estimated cost of $1,000,000,

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sunday August 9 News Roundup Lakewood

Weather: A few isolated thunderstorms developing this afternoon. High 87F Chance of rain 30%. Humidity 69%
- OCHD revises lakewood covid cases to minus 1 from 24 yesterday bringing the total yesterday to 23 new cases
-BDE: Hayeled Chaim Iluz, the son of R' Shloimy and Olga, was niftar today after being found unresponsive in the family's home in Westgate. Levaya will be taking place tomorrow. (LNN)
- BDE: petirah of R' Yankel Goldberg, a steady mispalel of Rabbi Gruber's Shul and a steady learner at Kol Shimshon. He was niftar today at age 86. The Levaya will take place tomorrow at 1:00pm at the Lakewood Chapel

-APP reports on tbe Trump visit with pro and anti crowds HERE
- video footage Trump Motorcade ready to go follow The Belaaz on Twitter HERE
-Balloon event at Evergreen 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm
-Israel new Coronavirus restrictions: A distance of 2 meters must be maintained between people in the public sphere, Gathering of more than 10 people in closed space or 20 people in an open space is forbidden, Only two passengers who are unrelated may travel together in the same car
-Marine 1 schedule Trump fundraiser in Deal/Elberon. Motorcade is 5 minute drive from Elberon park to the home.
4:15 p.m. Trump departs his golf course in Bedminster via helicopter.
4:45 p.m. He arrives at Elberon Park.
4:55 p.m. Trump departs Elberon Park for the Chera home.
7:05 p.m. Trump departs the Chera home.
7:10 p.m. He arrives back at Elberon Park
7:20 p.m. Trump departs for Morristown Municipal Airport, where he will then transfer to plane and head to Joint Base Andrews, en route to the White House.
-Drive Thru census giveaway event at Blueclaws  stadium 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
- Jcp&l  16 customers without power in Lakewood  Estimated Restoration: Today at 11:30 PM
- 24 new positive covid19 cases reported in Lakewood yesterday totals 2726/196
-JCP&L restored Power to Lakewood Jackson  Toms River residents number of those out of power are in the single digits. Howell and Brick have 200 without power

Friday, August 7, 2020

Lakewood Zmanim עש''ק פרשת עקב תש''פ

כי ה' אלהיך מביאך אל ארץ טובה ארץ נחלי מים עינת ותהמת יצאים בבקעה ובהר ארץ חטה ושערה וגפן ותאנה ורמון ארץ זית שמן ודבש ארץ אשר לא במסכנת תאכל בה לחם לא תחסר כל בה ארץ אשר אבניה ברזל ומהרריה תחצב נחשת  
Friday, August 7, 2020 / י״ז אב תש״פ ערב שבת פרשת עקב 
 -Candle lighting: 7:45 pm
 -Shkia/sunset: 8:03 pm
 -Weather: Shabbos day Partly to mostly cloudy skies with scattered thunderstorms in the morning. High 82F. Chance of rain 40%.

 כִּי נִחַם ה׳ צִיון נִחַם כָל חָרבֹתֶיהָ וַיָשֶם מִדְבָּרָה כְּעֵדֶן וְעַרבָתָה כְּגַן ה׳ שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִמחָה יִמָצֵא בָה תּוֹדה וְקול זִמרָה 
הפטרת עקב

Friday Erev Shabbos August 7 News Updates Lakewood

Weather: Variable clouds with thunderstorms, especially this morning. High 79F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.  Humidity83%

7:15pm  under 1000 in Lakewood without power
-Trump is in NJ at his golf resort for the weekend  will attend fundraiser in Deal on Sunday
-Forest park area has power back on
-4:30 pm  Down to 1,007 customers in Lakewood without power

-A tornado that spun across parts of Ocean County as on Tuesday packed winds estimated at 110 mph, the National Weather Service has determined.
The twister started as a waterspout near Brant Beach on Long Beach Island, then touched down at about 10:50 a.m. Tuesday near Ship Bottom and traveled 3 miles before lifting up in the Mud City section of Stafford Township at about 10:54 a.m.

-OCHD revises Lakewood cases yesterday from 7 down to 1, only 2 covid19 cases reported in Ocean county   totals for lkwd 2702/195
-NYS Police are out  full force this week till Aug 12  for speeding crack down state troopers  all over Rt 17
 -2:00 pm JCPL customers w/o power  Lakewood 1,853, TR 769, Jackson 1919

-1:00 pm Customers without power Lakewood 2,259, TR, 908, Jackson 1924, Howell 3,927
-The Dutch Conference of Rabbis a orthodox rabbinical body said today the shofar should only be blown sparingly and outside this year because of the coronavirus, Rabbis “should consider inviting congregations to go out to the synagogue’s yard and blow the shofar there, outside the actual building. (JTA)

- Flash Flood watch for Ocean county until 2am heavy rains expected.

-Lakewood DMV has met it's capacity and will not be servicing any new customers
-Lunch distribution: Bais Tova Box10:30 am, Pizza on Wheels 11:00am daily
-JCP&L- Based on current outages and damage assessments, we expect to restore 85% of affected customers by the end of the day Friday.
7:30 am
-Lakewood 2872 Without Power, Jackson 1951, Toms River 2960, Howell 5790, Brick 2298, Long Branch 4525, Deal 103

-Lakewood Chaveirim: We are getting a large amount of requests from elderly as well as other residents who are still quarantining due to Covid 19 for a place to stay until the power is back on. We are asking if you have a house, apartment, or basement where you can host an elderly who has been (and continues to be) quarantining and who is currently out of power into the weekend to please call or text 848-245-6993 and we will try to match you up with a family in need

-Two bachurim who were lost while hiking with a group were found after a massive search that brought in reconnaissance teams and helicopters. The boys, both of whom are 17 years old, had gone hiking at Neversink Gorge Trails in Rock Hill, New York, with about 100 others. They were found to be missing early in the evening and a search ensued. The boys were found near the water on a rock (Hamodia)

-BDE: Bde Rabbi Adin Steinsalz ob"m wrote a pirush on the talmud Bavli translated it to modern Hebrew, he was 83. In the summer of 1989, a group of gedolim led by Harav Shach zatzal placed a ban on all of  Steinsaltz's work.
 Steinsaltz added his own commentary, in Hebrew, alongside the text., and was  criticized  for altering the צורת הדף and placing his pirush in the space of Rashi.

Ami Magazine Bein Hazmanim Issue

JCP&L Service Restoration Process

Nearly 6,000 utility personnel are working 24/7 to restore service to customers.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Oif Simchas 16 Av 5780 Lakewood

Gerber - Pecker Ateres Malka
Szmerla -  Green Wedding Ateres Chana
Reidel - Stefansky  Lake Terrace
Schulgasser -  Borchardt Fountain BallroomSzmerla -  Green Wedding Ateres Chana

Courtesy of Vivaser to receive Vivaser via email daily send a request to:

Thursday August 6 News Updates Lakewood

Weather: Rain showers early becoming more intermittent for the afternoon. High around 80F. Chance of rain 50%.Humidity 73%
-Forest park area expected to have power restored by tomorrow according to memo sent to residents
9:00 pm Live shiur Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen Halacha Lemaaseh hilchos  shabbos HERE
8:30 pm Lakewood 3285 without power, Jackson 1,932 Toms River 3124, Howell 7,377
Power restored at 14th and Hope Chapel area
7:45 pm  5,268 still out of power in Lakewood
-Forest park area still out of power
 -Township Committee today authorized spending $1 Million + for a new communications tower which will improve radio communications for all the paid and volunteer first responder agencies in Lakewood. The tower will be built in the Public Works yard. (Reporter Moshe)
-Lunch Box distribution:
Klausenberg behind Evergreen 5pm Yeshiva Ktana 6:00 pm Tashbar 7:30 pm
-5:00 pm JCPL update customers without power: Lakewood 4522, Jackson 2706, Toms River 4874, Howell 8310
-Bde: 24 youngerman father of 1 drowned in the Kineret in EY

-Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rescinded an order requiring people traveling from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to the Sunshine State to quarantine or isolate for 14 days
- NJ 411 new cases of coronavirus, 8 additional deaths
-7 New Positive covid19 cases in Lakewood 2 deaths  totals 2708/194
1:00 pm Lakewood 4789 Customers W/0 Power, Jackson 3933, Toms River 6,056, Howell 10,371
-Fireworks show tonight at Blueclaws stadium beginning at 9:30 pm and the show is more than double a show (both in length and height) that follows a typical BlueClaws game.
-Gourmet Glatt south open, NPGS Jackson location is open
- Out of state Utility workers from Indiana Michigan power gathered  in Howell and are being dispatched by JCPL to Lakewood & Jackson (NJ12)

-Check  the Eruv: Many Eruvin have been damaged and wires down during the storm additionally those that rely on electric wires should check it too. Some poskin are of the opinion that after a severe storm there are no more chazakos to rely on the kashrus of existing eruvin and they must be checked.

Lakewood Officials Blame JCP&L for Lack Of Planing and Manpower

Lakewood township committee calls out JCP&L for not having enough manpower and not planning ahead for the storm. The mayor said that when there's a forecast of a snow storm they dont wait for 8 feet on the ground before calling in the plows. Township offered to have a tree cutting crew at every location of downed trees but the utility company did not have enough linemen to dispatch. Despite millions of dollars in upgrades the utility does not have  enough manpower. Committeeman Ackerman said JCP&L is not under our control. The committee intends to let the BPU and jcpl know of their frustrations and hope to have it fixed one day.