Sunday, December 10, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood December 10, 2017

Chasuna: Ungar- Plotnick Ateres Reva hall
Chasuna: Haikins- Frankel at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder 

Pedestrian struck on Route 9 Howell

A Pedestrian was struck and killed this evening on route 9 north at the Lakewood Howell  border. The roadway has been shut while police investigate. First responders attempted CPR but the patient was unfortunately died of cardiac arrest Misaskim services not needed.

Want to Know about Schools, Jobs in Lakewood? Go to Brooklyn

An Event will take place tonight in Brooklyn "All About Lakewood" an overview of current and new schools, the application process, transportation etc, there will be job recruiting professionals on hand to help with placement. 
If you wonder who all the growth and Density is for,its not geared to help Lakewood's natural growth. The proposed development is attracting Brooklyn residents who can afford a cheaper home than in the city.
 Lakewood youngeleit, sorry but you can move to nearby towns. 

Lakewood News and Links Sunday December 10, 2017

Patron Salutes BMG Kollel Youngeleit

MBD visits Mesameach of Lakewood

- (Next Sunday during Chanukah December 17  Grand Opening Optical Eyeland (Minzers Eidem) at Evergreen Shopping plaza 945 River Ave, Lakewood Township, NJ 08701Donuts, Baloons, Raffles)

-Hachnosas Sefer Torah to Khal Meor Chaim Rav Hertzka's shul 270 Miler rd  Kesivas Hoisiyos at 110 Reagan 1:00 pm procession at 2:45 pm

Vaad Trying to Walk back From Bad Apples Statement

After throwing innocent residents under the bus calling them bad apples and  basically pleading guilt on an entire community, the vaad is trying to sing a different tune now. Too late the damage has been done.

“From a legal viewpoint, we look at everybody as being totally innocent until proven otherwise,” he said. “From a religious viewpoint, people that have made mistakes, they got themselves into trouble. Our attitude is you correct your mistakes and move on and prove yourself and move on.”

From NJ101.5 LAKEWOOD — Struggling families are entitled to apply for public assistance benefits. But everyone has to follow the law.
Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg, a member of the Lakewood Vaad — a local Orthodox Jewish council serving as a bridge to other government agencies — said since the arrests, residents now have a greater awareness about the pitfalls welfare programs. There’s also been a greater effort to make sure that people who are applying for the programs are filing the proper paperwork and making sure that they qualify.


Rebbetzin Sora Stefansky, a”h, was nifteres on Sunday morning in Lakewood.

Rebbetzin Stefansky, was the wife of, l"bch”l, Harav Lazer Stefansky shlita Mashgiach, Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood and mother of R’ Rocky shlita and R’ Aron z”l

Levaya will take place at Shiras Devorah school 575 Oak street Lakewood,  NJ at 11:00 am.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos Vayeishev 5778 lakewood

Tiferes Devorah L'kallah annual Dinner Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga

Keren Even Habochen Dinner Ateres Reva hall

Friday, December 8, 2017

Law Enforcement Crackdown on Lakewood Roads

Over 100 Tickets were issued last night according to reports. In this photo a cargo van is used by police to pull over cars.

The Drasha Addressed to Napoleon Bonaparte

The Drasha Addressed to Napoleon
Yosef found himself in the dungeon together with Pharaoh’s wine butler (Sar HaMashkim). He interpreted for him his dream: “The three clusters are three days. In another three days Pharaoh will lift up your head and will restore you to your post and you will place Pharaoh’s cup in his hand as was the former practice when you were his cupbearer.” [Bereshis 40: 12-13]
Yosef then added the following words: “If only you would think of me (ki im zechartani) with yourself when he benefits you, and you will do me a kindness, if you please, and mention me to Pharaoh, then you would get me out of this building.” [Beresis 40:14].

Lakewood Zmanim Erev Shabbos Vayeshev ערב שבת פרשת וישב

Friday, December 8, 2017 / כ׳ כסלו תשע״ח 
                                           "את אחי אנכי מבקש"        

Earliest Shabbos of the Year!
Candle lighting 4:13
Shkiah 4:31

Shabbos weather: Snow likely Some sleet may mix in. High around 35F. Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 3 to 5 inches

Have a Gut Shabbos

Storm watch: Possible 3-5 inches in Lakewood Shabbos day

A winter weather advisory and a winter storm watch have been issued for most of the state.
 snowfall is expected to begin overnight into Saturday morning, Most of the state will see light, but steady snow Saturday, but those at the coast, which is under the winter storm watch until late Saturday night, will see more of a wet mix. Central and southern New Jersey could see up to 3 inches of snow.

Lakewood at the White House Chanukah Party with President Trump

Over 300 Guests were invited to attended the  White house Chanukah party hosted by President Donald Trump and the First Lady. See Video HERE Lakewood, NJ philanthropist and Republican activist Mr. Rich Roberts was there along with Lakewood resident Mr. Duvi Honig of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce. Rabbi Meir Soleveichick  a Orthodox Rabbi lit the Menorah together with the presidents grandchildren. In an interview with The NY Times Mr. Honig said he said he believed the White House had focused on inviting allies and “new kids on the block” versus people who had been invited every year in the past.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lakewood's Day of Infamy

TBL-At the Township Committee meeting tonight, 3 committeemen made the decision to drastically decrease the quality of life for all of Lakewood's residents. After their attempt to make the Master Plan even worse than it is already was caught and halted, they slunk back and put together an  ordinance that matches the Planning Boards Master Plan with no explanation for why they tried to sneak in bad changes. Regardless, the Master Plan is still a disaster for Lakewood. It will add thousands of houses to already congested roads. It is the exact opposite of what Lakewood needs right now. While Lichtenstein wisely stayed away from the meeting, numerous OPRA requests show that he had a heavy hand in influencing the Master Plan....vihameivin yavin. 
Akerman wisely chose to vote for what the residents of Lakewood want. 

Lakewood Master Plan Adopted 3-1

The Lakewood township approved and voted in favor of the master plan. Ray Coles, Mike Delia and Menashe Miller voted yes. Issac Akerman voted NO Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein was absent from the meeting one resident commended him for recusing himself because of a conflict of interest. Prior to vote Mayor Coles said the township made sure to be on the same page as the planning board and will continue to work with the Planning board  to make sure the  concerns of the community are addressed. 
A resident spoke passionately to the committee begging them to do what is right for the quality of life of the town. It is very obvious that those who came and spoke up in favor had a personal interest and rightfully so since its money for them. But the other 99% of Lakewood is opposed to this master plan.
By voting yes you will be raising taxes on the citizens of Lakewood. We will hold each of you accountable at the next elections. Mayor Miller was confronted why last year he said No more density we are full to capacity what changed? A point was made about the lies that were perpetuated throughout the meetings that we need the growth for our children while all they are doing is going to Brooklyn telling them to move to Lakewood.
 Residents brought up concerns about the legality with tying the traffic improvements to the master plan. Regarding the impact fees the mayor said they are working on an ordnance that will cover the entire town not only a few sections, but the impact fees will be in place as soon as possible. One resident asked the committee members if they read through the master plan report some members responded that they did not see the entire report. Another complained that NOTHING HAS CHANGED Traffic is insane taxes have doubled and families cant afford their mortgage how can we live?? 
 Another resident pointed out there are over 100 car accidents per week in Lakewood, the town simply cant handle the over building. Widening roads wont help. Some pointed out that since the ordnance was changed between readings it should be pushed off and more time should be given to review it.
Its disheartening to hear that members of the committee only received the ordnance less than 24 hours before the vote, said one resident. Its a rush to Judgement that will only create more problems he asked please lets take our time and get it right.

Oif Simchas/Events Lakewood December 7, 2017

-Chasuna: Wasser- Elezary at Lake Terrace hall
-Chasuna: Pfeiffer- Furman Ateres Reva hall Toras aaron
-Chasuna: Marcus- Yourmak Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Gellis- Oppenheimer Ne'emas hachaim hall Bais Tova
-Breslov Pre Chanukah Drasha by Rav Motta Frank 8:45 pm at 423 6th street lakewood
-Yat Kislev Hisvadus at Chabad 1309 Central Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 9:30 pm
-Berditchev shiur followed by Kumzitz with Rav Motta Frank  75 Birch Street Lakewood
-Parlor Meetig for Talmid Chochom at 922 Madison 9:45- 12:00am

Tonight: Lakewood Township Meeting

Watch it Live HERE 
Vacating 6 streets including portion at the end of East Kennedy Boulevard
December 7, 2017 7:30 PM 

Lakewood Weather- First Winter Storm

Lakewood Weather Update from Lakewood 
Welcome back all to another winter. As we can tell from outside,winter has finally started. Yes, there is storm to watch for this Saturday. Before going crazy just have in mind we are NOT at our final solution, things can and will change. Until last night models were showing that most of the precipitation will stay off shore. Lasts nights models started suggesting that a westward trend, towards like is a very possible scenario. Indeed today mot models are showing something nice to hit our region. I will post some maps just because why not. Just have in mind things will change.
As of now we can get anywhere from 1-6 inches. I will update as new data comes in!
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Now in Monsey.

Seen in Monsey, NY 2 days after doing the same in Lakewood, NJ.

Pressure: Township Amends Ordnance to Reflect Planning Board

After strong push back from residents and planning board members the Lakewood committee is updating the ordnance and included the road improvement contingency. The impact fees though are not included now which will be a huge burden on tax payers. See final ordnance at FAA website here. The vote is expected to pass but Committee man Akerman said recently he's voting against it as that is the will of the majority of Lakewood residents.

Township Official To Yated: The Master Plan Should go Back to The Drawing Board

Yated Ne'eman Lakewood section reports on the Master- Plan vote quoting Planning board members and other Lakewood Township officials. They are disturbed about the missing contingencies that were  supposed to be included. "The public's opinion was unequivocally explicit that unbridled density should not be implemented we simply can not pass a plan that disregards this" a Planning board member tells the Yated. It is extremely frustrating to spend months working on solutions that would work for everyone, only to have it omitted from the plan another Planning board member told the Yated. "Additionally we would have never incorporated certain aspects of the plan had we known that the contingencies were going to be dropped "Density must be balanced" we looked into each meticulous detail of the areas where higher density was being proposed, and dealt with every road that has access to those areas. Removing restrictions or adding other areas of higher density effectively negates the whole purpose of the plan.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Slap in the Face to the Entire Lakewood

From TBL- It became abundantly clear that the Township Committee will be passing ordinances that are NOT in line with the Master Plan just days after the Master Plan is finalized!

This is an extreme slap in the face to the entire Lakewood! The residents of Lakewood and various committees and boards spent the last year investing time, effort and energy into the Master Plan. While we are not happy with the final product which does increase density in many areas (contrary to the township committee's commitment in 2016 here) , at least the Planning Board stuck in some key positive changes requiring numerous roads to be improved first, and creating impact fees in the entire Lakewood before the zoning changes take affect. However, the Township Committee in revealing their ordinances has explicitly gone against the critical recommendations of the Master Plan!

Chanuka: Grand Latke Cook Off in Lakewood

Watch it live from the comfort of your home Thursday night the 3rd night of Chanukah

APP: Township to add Road Conditions into the master plan Draft Ordnance

 The Township may put some provisions in set by the Planning Board after all.
APP reports - The Lakewood Mayor is working  with the planners to add road conditions in the draft ordnance.
The planning board debated the more than 300-page plan for months, making many tweaks, before forwarding the plan to the township committee.

But the ordinances approved then don't mention impact fees and include vague language about road improvements instead of specifics as dictated by the planning board.

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles said Wednesday he had worked with planners to ensure the road conditions were added to the draft ordinances, copies of which have not yet been publicly posted.
"I met with the planners and the manager yesterday and they assured me the language had been changed back to what the planning board wanted," he said.

As for impact fees, Coles said more work had to be done before putting those into place but that they had committee support. He said he expected that issue to be addressed by early next year.
READ more at APP

Oif Simchas/ Shiurim On Chanukah Lakewood December 6, 2017

-Chasuna: Bachrach- Dorfman Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna:  Jaroslawicz- Rokowsky Ne'emas hachaim hall Bais Tova
-Chasuna: Cohen- Bromberg Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

Shiurim for Chanukah:
-Harav Getzel Fried shlita of Cleveland will speak at BMG Forest Bais Medrash CHabura Room 10:35 pm
-Penima Special chanuka shiur for Women by Rabbi YY Rubenstein at the Lakewood Courtyard 52   Madison Avenue lakewood $10 admission @8:30pm
-Rav Nosson Gouraree will speak at 814 E. Countyline for a Hisvaadus Yat Kislev 10:00pm
-Parlor Meeting: yeshiva of Monroe at 1175 Buckwald, Lakewood  8:00 pm Program 9pm

Lakewood Committee Before and After

FAA: Why they changed their votes

Senator Cory Booker on Jerusalem Capital Anouncement "Not Now"

New Jersey senator Cory Booker said both the capital and embassy issues should be “part of a larger peace process.”

“It should be part of negotiations for eventual final status,” Booker told The Weekly Standard. “We need to be working towards peace in that region.”

Aguda Statement on Trump Jerusalem Acknowledgement

Will The Vaad  also issue a statement?

Statement of Agudath Israel of America Regarding President Trump's Acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
Israel is a sovereign state. Sovereign states have every right to determine where their capitals are. Israel has designated Jerusalem as its capital. Jerusalem is the seat of Israel's national government. Yet nations of the world refuse to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is nothing less than a travesty.

Fatal Accident Yesterday on Shorrock Street in Lakewood

A Pedestrian was struck and killed yesterday near route 70 in Lakewood bringing the total fatality rate at 14 for this year. APP reports a collision killed a pedestrian on Shorrock Street.  Irene Perosi, 53, of Lakewood died after a 2010 Mazda CX-9 struck her around 5 p.m. Tuesday, police said. The driver, a 56-year-old Toms River man, told police he had been driving south on Shorrock "when his vehicle struck Perosi who was crossing the roadway mid block," Detective Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith said in an email Wednesday. Read more at

Video: Mayor says he will Vote for Ordinances as approved by the Planning Board

Lakewood Residents are wondering what changed before and after the elections.
why is the township committee ignoring the will of the majority of Lakewood and what the Planning board recommended.
Ray Coles says before the elections: "I would vote for ordinances in line with what the planning board sends us in the master plan"
 Mike Delia says he agrees with the mayor 100%. Now the Master plan vote is up and is NOT in line with the Planning board.
Video courtesy of First Amendment Activist minute 2:25

Will Public be Shut out of Commenting prior to the Master Plan Vote?

Correction: The public can comment after each specific Ordnance but only relating to that topic. It is still interesting why they chose to have it before the general public comments.
The Township posted the Draft Agenda HERE for the meeting tomorrow evening. According to the list on the agenda the public comments will come only after they vote to approve the masterplan with a second reading of the ordinances. The implementation of the master plan is letter (J) and the public comment section follows with letter (K).
So if they stick to the agenda the public will only be able to comment once the master plan would have been voted on and presumably passed.