Friday, August 18, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערש"ק פר' ראה שבת מברכים חודש אלול שלישי דנחמתא

Erev Shabbos Kodesh/Shabbos Mevorchim Parshas Re"eh  Friday, August 18, 2017 / כ״ו אב תשע״ז Lakewood, NJ
-Candle lighting:  7:31 pm
-Shkiah: 7:49 pm
-Rosh Chodesh Elul will be on Tuesday and Wednesday
-Molad will be Tuesday morning 44 Minutes and 15 Chalakim after 10:00 am

-Weather for shabbos Cloudy early partial sunshine expected late. High 88F. 

         וְשַׂמְתִּי כַּדְכֹד שִׁמְשֹׁתַיִךְ וּשְׁעָרַיִךְ לְאַבְנֵי אֶקְדָּח וְכָל גְּבוּלֵךְ לְאַבְנֵי חֵפֶץ
              The foundation, walls and ground of Jerusalem will be laid with precious stones.

Lakewood News Links Friday August

-Police investigating attempted luring case in Lakewood
The incident happened Monday just after 3 p.m. on Stirling Avenue, police said.
The victim's father told police that his daughter was outside playing, without adult supervision, when she was approached by a man who was riding his bike. the man allegedly picked up the girl, placed her in the back of an unlocked parked car and then left the area, "casually riding away."

-KKK group in Ocean County 
Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, said his office knows of the presence of the Klan in Toms River. “We’re aware of it,” he said. “Our concern is that they don’t do any crime,” adding that law enforcement can’t do anything until they cross that line. “They’re small. They’re pretty disorganized.”

-Schnall on the Mahwah Eruv- "Only the most irascible curmudgeon would be bothered by unobtrusive plastic pipes attached to neighborhood utility poles and connected to one another high in the air by thin filaments. If passersby even noticed them, they would be at most curious, and certainly not offended."

-Man sought in attempted child abduction at Brick , NJ  Walmart

-Michael Inzelbuch returns as Board attorney at the Lakewood BOE

-Lakewood Boys camps are over next week no school

-LSTA over 90% of bus routes covered for upcoming school year

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trumpiest town in NJ " Leaders" Send a Message to President Trump

Amazing! A call for tolerance from the guys who called innocent Lakewood residents Bad Apples.
The PR campaign continues:
-APP: Lakewood Vaad sends message to President Trump to take a stronger stand against the white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. "Groups marching with swastikas and assault rifles, protected by the very Constitution they seek to destroy, are not defenders of freedom – they are not America,'' 
Now is the time for us all to rise, as a united republic, and to say to each other, once again, that we are one nation where all are equal, with liberty and justice for all,'' they said.APP reports Here is the Full Statement from the VAAD:
"Heather Heyer, a gentle soul murdered by an intolerant racist in Charlottesville last weekend, died defending our freedoms. Most likely her loved ones would say that she was no hero, simply standing up for the founding values of our great republic – equality before the law, tolerance, justice and the rights of all to live in peace without oppression.

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 17th, 2017

Vort: Hachosson shimon Mayerfeld to Kallah bas R' Avrohom Gartner at Rabbi Forcheimers shul 418 5th street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
-koenig- Schustal Bas R' Aaron at Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Auerbach-Udman At Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Fallas- Escava Lake Terrace hall Lakewood, NJ

APP Decides to tackle Metzizah Bpeh: Lakewood Babies face Risk

The APP decided to investigate the practice of Metzizah Bpeh in NJ and Lakewood in particular.  Lakewood mohalim who were contacted by the press refused to share any information or get involved with the press story.
The headline read "Lakewood babies face herpes risk, NJ lacks safety rules for controversial circumcision"
Nothing happened recently that prompted this investigation of an old story .  One wonders why now?
According to the article  "the issue has prompted state senator Rober"t Singer, a Republican who lives in Lakewood, to consider legislation to test rabbis for herpes. Singer, a member of the Ocean County Board of Health, said he's also interested exploring whether it would be wise to have "mohels tested maybe once a year."

Rabbi Avi Schnall, from Agudath Israel of America, said testing mohels “risks encroaching the separation of church and state.''
."There has never been any correlation between (the circumcisions) to herpes here,'' Schnaal said. "There are some in the community who would not consider metzitzahb'peh a required part of the ceremony, but there are others who believe it’s an integral part, and the religious right of those people should be defended.'' Read more HERE

Whats in the Lakewood Master Plan?

Some of the proposals:

Recommendation to go by 2007 Masterplan of ten years ago and apply it to 2017 when the population has tripled since than.
"The Housing Density subcommittee affirms the recommendations of the 2007 Master Plan Reexamination Report  which have not been implemented to date."

Implement the Smart Growth Plan of 2013
Overall Recommendations to Implement the 2013 Smart Growth Plan The Land Use Element incorporates the following vision of the 2013 Smart Growth Plan for the land use districts within each center, core and node:

Allow mix use building and development all along Rt 9 Highway Core
Land Use District is to permit a variety of retail and service activities, as well as community-based health care facilities that front on a state highway or county roadway, places of worship, and public and private schools. The minimum lot size is generally 20,000 square feet for these uses. In addition, single-family detached housing, two-family and duplex housing, and townhouses are also permitted in accordance with the provisions of the existing B-1 (Neighborhood Business) Zone. Residential and business uses may be combined. 

Residential units coming to Cedarbridge corporate park  maximum gross density of 22 units per acre; and, townhouses under certain conditions.

"B-6 — Corporate Campus/Stadium Support Zone: The purpose of the B-6 (Corporate Campus/Stadium Support) Zone is to facilitate the development of: eating establishments; retail; personal services; office buildings; fire department facilities; warehousing; packaging and distribution of food products; and, collection, recycling and processing of organic waste into energy. Provided that no residential building has frontage along Cedarbridge Avenue or portions of New Hampshire Avenue, the following residential uses are also permitted: single-family detached housing on lots of at least 7,500 square feet; two-family and duplex housing on lots of at least 10,000 square feet; multi-family housing on lots of at least 12,500 square feet and with a maximum gross density of 22 units per acre; and, townhouses under certain conditions."

More housing is needed for the expected population of 220k by 2030

"Looking ahead, it is anticipated that Lakewood’s population will continue to grow. This is demonstrated in the 2013 Lakewood Smart Growth Plan, which notes that the township’s population could grow to as high as 220,000 residents by 2030. It is, therefore, important that Lakewood plan for residential development to house its growing population." 

Fixing Traffic by bringing public transit to reduce reliance on private cars

"Traffic and Parking Traffic congestion and a shortage of parking have been ongoing problems in Lakewood Township. These issues, which are fully explored in the Circulation Element, must be addressed. This can be done, in part, with sound land use planning that promotes reduced reliance on private vehicles through: compact development footprints; facilitated access to public transit; provision of local services within walking distance of residential areas; and, provision of adequate parking for existing and future land uses."

An inside Look at "Hatzolah " Lakewood's Orthodox Ambulance Squad

Image result for lakewood hatzolahFrom some nice positive coverage about Lakewood by Mark Di Ionno

"This is what people don't understand about us," said Muller, one the approximately 70,000 Haredi or ultra-Orthodox Jews living in Lakewood. "We're very American in that way. We volunteer. We love our community and we're very involved in our community, like everyone else."
The news out of Lakewood in the past several months has portrayed certain members of the town's Orthodox community has takers, not givers.

A public airing of the high cost of private school busing and private special education for Orthodox Jewish children was followed by the arrest of 26 people charged with welfare fraud. The stories fueled perceptions that the entire Orthodox community is self-serving and insulated.   

But, as anyone following this series of columns on Lakewood has read before, perception and reality are like fifth cousins. Related, but barely.

Special Lakewood BOE Meeting tonight Discussion and Appointment of Legal Counsel

Lakewood Board of Education public meeting 6:30 pm Thursday August 17, 2017  Meeting at  855 Somerset Avenue Lakewood, NJ. 
See Agenda HERE
-Discussion and Appointment of Legal Counsel to the Board for the 2017-2018 School Year.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 16th, 2017

-Witkin- Krieger Ateres Reva Hall
-Epstein -Zuckerman Ateres Chana Hall Bais Faiga
-Garber- Kravets Lake Terrace Hall Lakewood New Jersey
-Berkowitz- Eichorn Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder

B&H Job Fair 40 Minutes from Lakewood

The Great American Eclipse of 2017: Halachic and Philosophical Aspects

In Lakewood the eclipse will begin at 1:23 and peak  at 2:45:39 pm when the moon covers 73.6% of the Sun. It will be over 4:01 pm.

Do you make a Bracha when you watch a solar Eclipse?
Is it a bad sign or omen?
Why does it happen close to Rosh Chodesh?
What does the Gemara mean when it says  בזמן שהחמה לוקה? 
see HERE at Chakira Journal or see Below 

On Monday, August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States will experience one of nature’s most dramatic phenomena. For a couple of minutes, the shadow of the moon will block the summer sun and plunge those on the ground into total darkness. In the middle of a summer’s day, the birds will stop singing, sunlight will disappear, and the stars will become visible. The total eclipse will race across the continental United States at a speed of up to 3,000 miles per hour.
As we now understand the phenomenon, a solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets in-between the sun and the earth. When it does, it blocks some of the sunlight and casts a shadow on the earth. A person standing in that shadow (called the umbra) will see an eclipse The time at which the moon is directly between the sun and the earth is also the start of every Jewish month (or close to it, as we will see below). And so it is clear that a solar eclipse can only occur on (or very close to) Rosh Chodesh.

Lakewood Township releases 332 Page Draft Version of The 2017 Master Plan

DRAFT Version of Lakewood Township Master Plan HERE and Below
The attached document is a DRAFT. It is not a final document. Please be aware that changes most likely will be made before it is finalized. The 2017 Lakewood Township Master Plan is a policy document that outlines the township’s goals and presents a vision for the future. The 2017 Lakewood Township Master Plan has been prepared to provide the municipality with an up-to-date master plan document that reflects the township’s current conditions and values, and responds to current challenges. Key among these challenges is the need to address the significant population and housing growth which the municipality has experienced and will continue to experience. Another major challenge is the provision of infrastructure especially streets and circulation.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 15, 2017

Wiggin- Rabinowitz- Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Stavsky- Zucker  Ateres Reva hall
Zimmermen wedding at Ateres Chana Hall Bais Faiga

Team Lakewood Approaching 700k Goal ahead of Bike4Chai

We will be biking to camp on Wednesday and Thursday, August 16th & 17th. Our objective is to raise at least $700,000 by then and we hope you will help us reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Please contribute Thank you for supporting us and doing so, helping children and their families cope with the diagnosis, treatment and aftermath of serious pediatric illness.

Best Regards,
Team Lakewood

Iann Out, Igud wants Inzelbuch In

Former Lakewood BOE attorney Michael Inzulbuch is expected to take the offer and return to the BOE after all. The Igud Hamosdos wants him in and over the past few months all demands were made making the return to the board a possibility including reappointing the superintendent. The board has ratified a 3 year contract increasing her salary to $196,547, up from $167,500 according to reports.  Outgoing BOE president was voted in as a write in candidate by the vaad and Igud.  The current circumstances led to the resignation of Mr Barry Iann who was a selfless public servant for all Lakewood's children. The Igud is controlled by a few large schools, the smaller schools have to fend for themselves as was seen bu the busing situation last year. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Thomson Is Elected for Assemblyman for Legislative District 30

Former Wall Mayor Ned Thomson was elected to the NJ State Assembly 30th district in a special vote tonight. He received 83 of the 154 Delegates of all republican committees in the counties . Justin Flancbaum of the Lakewood MUA received 54 votes.  The seat was vacated by former assemblyman David Rible.
Thompson was endorsed by assemblyman Sean Kean who also serves as attorney to the Lakewood Industrial Commission. Flancebaum got the endorsement of state senator Bob Singer

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 14, 2017

Vort: Hachosson Shmuel Mordechai Brody to Chana Ettel Kravitz bas R' Moshe at Orchos Chaim hall 410 Oberlin Ave South  7:00pm

Chasuna: Herzog- Uhr Fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
Chasuna: Litka- Cohen Ne'eimas Hachaim hall
Chasuna: Fiddle- Peretzman Ateres Reva hall

Camps: Color War at Camp Yachad Helicopter lands in camp

Video: Lakewood Township Committee Workshop & Public Meeting 8/10/17

 Video courtesy of First Amendmant Activist YouTube Channel
Workshop session Land Swap deals  committeemen for their developer buddies
ML 46:30  MM 51:12
 Public portion begins at minute 58:00 moment of silence for Planning board member
59:25 T& M associates explain the Ordinances of protecting vacant land
1:13:20 Resident comments on the crime in Lakewood not as safe as recent report claimed and is surprised by comments of township officials 
1:18:30 - Township committee must display ethical and moral leadership in the township business that sets the tone of the people of the township. Unfortunately there was a media assault and the committee did nothing to dispel the reputation of Lakewood. 
1:30:15- FAA asks Why is township Govt hiding information from the public, was threatened with arrest for recording Planning meeting
1:36:45 Resident asks about CHEMED lease why it was not publicized mayor dodges the question says the change from Ordnance to Resolution was legal
140:20: Mayor responds that Leasing Chemed twice was a Mistake 
1:42:00 HH points out corruption and conflicts of interest from certain members of the Township committee, concerned about Planning board approvl of a social hall in downtown that will attract wild parties with potential shootings, drugs and loitering, asks township to give lot for Toy store that provides therapy to Lakewood children instead of giving it to CHEMED
1:57:00 Discussion on ordnance to protect wellheads and Water systems in Lakewood, Residents ask why committee first woke up now to protect the Wellheads and drinking water.

Special BOE Meeting This Morning Transfer of funds to the LSTA. President resigns

What is going on with the BOE?
The president resigned rescinded and now resigned again? Who pushed him out? whats coming next? Stay Tuned.

Today at the Lakewood BOE: The Lakewood Board of Education will act solely as a conduit to transfer $1.1 million from the Township of Lakewood to the Lakewood Student Transportation Authority, which is a contribution towards the LSTA's 2017-2018 operations.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood August 13, 2017

Chasunah: Prengler- Weintraub Ateres Chana Hall Bais faiga
Chasunah: Lebowitz- Salb Ateres Reva Hall, Lakewood NJ

How Far From Lakewood, NJ

Thinking Road Trip? Distances from Lakewood New Jersey:

Atlantic City: 65 Miles 1 hour 7 mins
Catskills S. Fallsburg: 152 Miles 2 hours 31 mins
Cape May Zoo:1 h 20 min 83.4 miles  
Cleveland Heights, OH: 481 Miles 7 hours 32 mins 
Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park49 min 48 miles  
Fleischmanns, NY: 189 Miles 3 hours 10 mins 
Lake George, NY: 266 Miles 4 hours 6 mins
Lancaster, PA Dutch Wonderland: 122 Miles 2 hours 14 mins
Newport, RI: 248 Miles 4 hours 14 mins
Niagara Falls Canada 459 Miles 7 hours 9 mins  
Paterson Great Falls National Park: 1 Hour 15 Mins 70 Miles
Philadelphia: 69 Miles 1 hour 19 mins
Pocono Mountains Bushkill Falls: 134 Miles 2 hours 17 mins
Washington DC: 98 Miles 3 hours 25 mins

Video: KosherGuru At Revolve Restaurant in Lakewood NJ

For now, Revolve  will be open 2-3 nights a week, limiting to 50 reservations a night, starting from 7PM and on. The restaurant is currently open Wednesday and Thursday night, but subject to change weekly. The cost for a dinner is $125/pp plus tax & gratuity. Each course comes with a wine/mixed drink pairing. Revolve also does private parties, catering, both in-house and offsite. The menu will consistently change, but to give you an idea of the type of food offered, Kosher supervision by KCL. 116 Clifton Ave Behind Eat A Pita 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Melava Malka At Satmar Lakewood in Rockwell Ahead of Rebbes Yartzheit

Khal Yitav Lev of Satmar at the Rockwel development in Lakewood will have a Seudas Melava Malka for the Yartzheit of the Previous Satmar Rebbe Rav Yoel Zatzal which comes out this coming week on Friday. The seudah will take place Motzei Shabbos Parshas Eikev at the Bais Medrash of Yeshivas Tiferes Ytzchock 65 Cross Street opposite the Development. 

Netilas Yodayim 11:15 pm.

 Guest Speaker Rav Meir Spitz Shlita Admor of Bistitz.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת עקב

Erev Shabbos Parshas Eikev Friday 19 Av 5777/August 11, 2017  / י״ט אב תשע״ז 

Candle lighting:  7:40
Shkiah:             7:58 pm
Shabbos Weather Hi of 81° Precipitation 60%
Cloudy most of the time with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm; humid
            כִּי נִחַם ה׳ צִיון נִחַם כָל חָרבֹתֶיהָ וַיָשֶם מִדְבָּרָה כְּעֵדֶן וְעַרבָתָה כְּגַן ה׳ שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִמחָה יִמָצֵא בָה תּוֹדה וְקול  זִמרָה
(הפטרת עקב) 

Sunset At "The Lake" this week in Lakewood

ותאמר ציון Haftorah Parshas Eikev

Beautiful Song composed by R' Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz
 ותאמר ציון עזבני ה' וה' שכחני. התשכח אשה עולה מרחם בן בטנה, גם אלה תשכחנה ואנוכי לא אשכחך.