Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Chol Hamoed Sukkos Lakewood, NJ 5777

Wednesday 1st day Chol Hamoed
Keansburg- Amusemant park 2:45 $15 (free entry to park)
Giggleberry Fair-Newhope, PA 58 minutes from Lakewood 7325030312

Thursday Oct 20th 2nd day Chol Hamoed
Roberts carnival (KNA) 11:30-5:30 pm at the Lakewood Cheder, Vasser st all info HERE
NCSY Six Flags Great adventure entire park rented out(seasons pass holders $15
Keansburg- Amusemant park 2:45 $15 (free entry to park)
Giggleberry Fair-Newhope, PA 58 minutes from Lakewood 7325030312

Friday Oct 21st Third day Chol Hamoed

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Simchas Bais Hashoeva Lakewood 5777

Thursday night:
-Bais Medrash Govoha at Bais Aaron campus 10th and Madison 9:00 pm
-Roberts shul KNA 8:00 pm (carnival thurs 11:30-5:00 at Lakewoood cheder)
-Stolin BM 153 East 7th After 8:30 Maariv
-BM Albert Thursday night at 8:45 in the Sukkah (Maariv 8:30).
-Chateau Sefard 8:00 pm 
-Somerset Walk 8:30 @Rav's succah 84 Ponderosa 
-Chesterfield commons 9:00 pm 
Rav Friedman at his home 1464 Fernwood 
Rav Oelbaum at his home 8 forest park Circle
-Spruce Shul At Rov's house 1301 Lexington 9:30
-Ohr Mattisyohu-  8:00 at 4 Grandview Drive off Joe Parker Food Wine Music.
-Bobov Lakewood 21 N. Apple at 8:00 pm tonight
-Ohr Gedalaya In the sukkah @1180 Coughlin from 8:oo -11:00

(Lutzk B"M with Shimmy Engel)

Simchas Bais Hashoeva Lakewood 5777

list in comment section
Motzei Tom Tov: Tuesday night
Ohr Yechezkel  Ridge in Sukkah 9:45
BM kelmwood (Westgate) 9:00 pm

Wednesday night:
-Stolin B"M 153 East 7th After 8:30 Maariv
-Breslev B"M at 426 6th street
-Lutzk 7:00 pm in the shul sukkah
-Chabad Tonight!Please join us for a Farbrengin/Beis Hoshoeiva. Enjoy hartziga niggunim topped with beautiful and profound insights on Sukkos from the Rov.10:00 in our spacious Sukkah (Central Ave across Hollywood)
-Reb Leima Wilhelm Shlita at succah 408 8th street 9:45 pm
-B"M of Westgate 7:45 pm in the shul

Thursday night:
-Bais Medrash Govoha at Bais Aaron campus 10th and Madison 9:00 pm
-Roberts shul KNA 8:00 pm (carnival thurs 11:30-5:00 at Lakewoood cheder)
-Stolin BM 153 East 7th After 8:30 Maariv
-BM Albert Thursday night at 8:45 in the Sukka (Maariv 8:30).
(Lutzk B"M with Shimmy Engel)

Erev Sukkos 5777 Zmanim Lakewood, NJ ערב סוכות

               ופרוש עלינו סוכת שלומך

Sunday, October 16, 2016 / י"ד תשרי תשע"ז
Candle lighting 5:56
Shkiah 6:14

Photos  HERE of Erev Sukkos at the Daled minim shuk
Gorgeous weather through the entire week no rain in the forecast until Thursday. High of 80 degrees for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Extraordinary hot weather first days of Sukkos in Lakewood area

Forget the shlock  for now its mid October but the expected weather over Yom tov in Lakewood is more like end of August. Gorgeous weather through the entire week no rain in the forecast until Thursday morning. High in the low 80's for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday may see some morning showers with temps dropping into the low 60's. 

Erev sukkos, a busy day for men

(Submitted via comment)
Talk about Erev Pesach the pressure of getting ready for the Seder, making sure there is no chometz, turning over the kitchen, cooking the zeroa, making charoses etc. Men usually have easy chores when it comes to Erev Pesach its the Nashim tzidkaniyos that are the ones knocked out when we sit by the seder.
Its on Erev Sukkos that the men get to feel a bit what it is for the women on Erev Pesach. Talk about the stress of getting the sukkah up, making sure its sturdy, adding 2 new panels, last minute runs to the local hardware store- a screw and bolt here, a light fixture, oops need to run back for an adapter since its 3 prongs, Setting the shabbos clock, putting up the decorations. Then its back to the store for another 6x4 mat for the schach and a fold-able cot for the son in law who sleeps in the sukkah.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kosher ground beef at Costco is Non Glatt

Costco has introduced a new line of chopped meat in the kosher section that is under Triangle K but not Glatt.
The CRC issued a statement-

"Costco has introduced a new line of meat from Tomer Kosher Foods which is certified by Triangle K and Rabbi Elimelech Lebowitz. Please note that this meat is non-glatt." 
The Heimish looking label with hebrew letters is confusing with symbols of other trusted hashgachos.

Motzei shabbos erev sukkos- Lakewood

Daled minim shuk in BMG open tonight poskim on hand to check

Photos of Shuk day 2 HERE on

stores open tonight motzei shabbos Oct 15
Seasons open 9:00 pm- 1:00am
NPGS open 8:30- 1:00am
Gourmet Glatt open 9:00pm- 12:00 am
Kosher Village 9:00 pm- 1:00 am
Judaica plaza open till midnight
Hosiery plus open till 11:00pm
Center of town 9: -midnight
Aisle 9- open till 1:00 am
Farm Fresh open 24 hrs
Kosher West open

Friday, October 14, 2016

Video: Stop shlepping your Sukkah

Call 732-806-1015 Order your Sukkah bag

Zmanim Lakewood ,NJ Shabbos Haazinu ערב שבת פרשת האזינו

Friday, October 14, 2016 / י"ב תשרי תשע"ז
Candle lighting 5:59
Shkiah 6:17
Weather cold Friday night 65 shabbos day, no rain in forecast throughout week until next shabbos chol Hamoed

Video: Rav Elyashiv ZT''L discussing Halachos of Gittin written in Lakewood

In the video approx 6 years ago, Lakewood dayanim Rav Eliyahu Levin and Rav Yisrael Knopfler pose a question to Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv ztl at his home in Yerushalayim. At that time there was no Bais Din Kavua and the dayanim wanted to start writing Gittin in Lakewood, most gittin were written than in nearby Deal,NJ since its located on the Atlantic ocean. They discuss what is the correct way to write a get in Lakewood since there is more than one body of water and the drinking water comes mostly from wells. Halacha stipulates when A Get is written in a  city it must have a body of water in it, as the text of a Get specifies the city "which is located on the river and situated near wells of water".

Video: Courtesy of First Amendment Activist.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Daled Minim shuk at BMG sukkos 5777

PHOTOS day 1 at the BMG  Shuk click HERE
That atmosphere of erev sukkos is palpable at the annual arba minim shuk by the Lakewood Yeshiva. The shuk is at Beth Medrash Govoha 7th street campus off Forest avenue. Many vendors selling all your sukkos needs from the daled minim to sukka decorations, Gedolim photos and other tzorchei yom tov. Local poskim and Rabbonim are on hand inside yeshiva to pasken all your lulav and esrog shaalosthey will be there all day tonight they are there till 12:45 and tomorrow Friday from 10:00 am- 3:00 pm. It will be open again Motzei shabbos and erev Sukkos.

Anti-Semitic Graffiti Found in Toms River Across from Yeshiva Bochurim were shocked to find anti-Semitic graffiti near their yeshiva in Toms River, NJ. The bochurim are talmidim of Bais Medrash Zichron Meir, which is led by its rosh yeshiva, Rav Velvel Mintz. The yeshiva is located on the outskirts of Lakewood, near the border of Toms River. The bochurim found swastikas scrawled on a drain pipe on Vermont Avenue, across the street from the yeshiva. The graffiti was first brought to the attention of, which passed the information on to law enforcement.

Yapchik tasting at Gourmet Glatt Lakewood

The first retail Yapchik is being produced and launched by MealMart, and there will be a demo today Thursday, October 13, 2016 at Gourmet Glatt of Lakewood from 6:00-10:00 PM hosted by Kosher Guru. 

Evergreen kosher to open soon in Lakewood

Construction is almost done at Evergreen plaza on rt 9 south in Lakewood, bringing another quality supermarket to town. Evergreen currently has its flagship store in Monsey, NY. this will be the 3rd major kosher supermarket to open in Lakewood this year. The store is expected to open some time after Yom Tov. While these stores have great prices on Sale items, overall food prices have not gone down much across Lakewood.

Lakewood BOE meeting tonight more spending

Agenda HERE

Dr. Shanik: No nasal spray vaccine for Flu per CDC recommendation

Pediatric affiliates of Lakewood will not issue the FluMist spray this year. The CDC recommended for this year to avoid using the nasal spray version of the flu annual vaccine. The CDC has recommended annual flu shots for everyone ages 6 months and older for the past six years. During the 2014-2015 season, federal health officials had recommended the nasal spray vaccine for young children. But an expert panel on vaccines said in June that the nasal spray, FluMist, used by millions, failed to protect children last year for the third year in a row and should not be used this coming flu season.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Zmanim for Lakewood, NJ Erev Yom Kippur 5777/ 2016

שנה טובה, גמר חתימה טובה, חג שמח וצום קל – שיתקבלו תפילותיכם לרצון לפני אדון כל.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 / ט' תשרי תשע"ז ערב יום כיפור
*Yizkor * Hadlokas neiros/ candle lighting 6:04
Yizkor-  approximate times
11:15 Chateau Ashkenaz ‏
11:25 Chesterfield Commons
11:30 Coventry Shul
12:15 stamford meadows
1:30 Bobov Lakewood

Shkia/ Sunset 6:22- fast begins

fast is over Oct 12  7:33 (72 minutes)
Weather- 66° /49°F Clouds giving way to some sun

פנה לעלבון מקום עוון להשים. צחן הסר וגם תבשר לבך חוסים  - סלחתי. קולי שמע וראה דמע עיני
(ריב ריבי שעה ניבי והשיבני - סלחתי. (פיוט לליל כיפור

Erev Yom Kippur Lkwd info

-Chatzos 12:43 pm
Grocery Stores schedule for Erev Yom Kippur, Lakewood
Gourmet Glatt open 7 am- 2pm
NPGS open 7 am- 3 pm All stores
Seasons 6 am- 2 pm
Kosher Village 7-4
Kosher West 7:30-3
Food Ex 8-

Time Release capsule Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin & Caffeine Pills for Yom Kippur.

Please call 732-370-3602 12th & Princeton area or try Food ex

Laws of fasting on Yom Kippur for expectant women

Monday, October 10, 2016

NWS: Frost advisory for Ocean county, NJ

The National Weather Service in Mount Holly NJ has issued a frost advisory which will be in effect from 2-9 am Tuesday morning. Temps will be in the mid 30's.

Video: Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act NJ State appropriations committee

0:00 – chairman speaks against those opposing the bill 
3:00- Heavily disabled individual against the bill
6:35 - Heavily disabled individual speaks against the bill via device
11:34 - Heavily disabled individual speaks against the bill via device
32:00 – Dr speaks against
40:58 – Bishop speaks against
59:50 – Orthodox Jew speaks. 
1:03:07- At the end calls all voting for – stalin and Hitler. Causes an uproar. 
1:07:20 – Orthodox Jew from NJ speaks. 
1:08:55 – Rabbi Knofler – אב בית דין of Lakewood Beis Din.

No room in shul, no seats for children

With all the talk about slowing growth and building, one area that needs more building is shuls. Over the Yomim Noraim shuls in various Lakewood developments were filled to capacity many did not have seating for children in some cases age limits were set. As the families grow shuls have to expand to accommodate the natural growth of their members. With all the talk about density, we must not let it get to a point that we oppose shuls, schools and much needed facilities for the community.

Video: Aseres Yemei Teshuva Vaad from DR. Meir Wikler in Lakewood

Lessons from Hilchos Teshuvah and Vedoy that should be applied to our personal relationships as well. Vaad was given in the Sterling Forest Beis Medrash 144 Hadassah Lane Lakewood, N.J. 

Masa Umatan Rental list -Oct 7

The Rental List is a very popular feature in Masa U'Matan Click HERE for the current list.