Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday October 14 News Updates Lakewood

Weather: A mainly sunny sky. High around 70F.

-Tefilos for R' Asher ben Chana Frumit Eisenmann - tomorrow morning is a crucial hearing in the appellate court. A  kinus tefila will take place tonight 10:15 pm in yeshiva  hook up#  7128325656  500# 
- Some Schools sent home a consent form for parents to sign that they legally have to allow random covid testing of students in school.
-Mishpacha article "Shuttered Shuls Shattered Trust" -  Has Cuomo gone too far:
On Cuomo “He figures that when the election comes up, ‘I’ll go visit a couple of rebbes, I’ll throw some money in the budget and give a nice speech about how many times I visited Israel,’ ” the activist said. “I don’t think he’s worried down the road. 
On Murphy- “He was very impressed that here’s a Jewish holiday with customs that are thousands of years old, and the rabbis, the leadership, put out a letter changing those customs in a big way because of the situation,” Rabbi Schnall said. “And he showed his appreciation for that.” 

-Lakewood public schools,  announced three more staff members tested positive for the coronavirus this week
- Dry the Schach put away Sukka rain in forecast for Friday.
- Dov Hikind I have a simple message for King Cuomo: I'm not sure what's motivating you to scapegoat the Jewish people every single day for more than TWO WEEKS now...But I can assure you of this: YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!

-25 new covid cases in Lakewood total 5584/204. Gov Murphy tweeted a graphic showing Ocean county with 194 new cases but the OCHD website only reported 46 new cases in Ocean county as of 8:30 am.

- "Orthodox communities in New Jersey say they’re very satisfied with the authorities’ outreach after an uptick in coronavirus cases there". In a written statement to Haaretz, Murphy said his office has “sought to partner with communities all across New Jersey, including our Orthodox community in Lakewood, to promote social distancing, encourage mask wearing, increase testing and build trust to fight this deadly virus.“We know that we’re only going to get through this pandemic if we work together with religious and community leaders to slow the spread of COVID-19,” he added. Source

-Food lunch box distribution tonight at
Tashbar 7:00 pm
Yesodei distribution Schi parking lot 6:00 pm
The center on Prospect 7:30 pm

-NY Gov. Cuomo singles out the orthodox jewish community for having a spread of the virus and warns yeshivos that if they are open and caught he will withhold funding and shut them down. 
- The regional MVC /licensing center in Eatontown will be closed until Oct. 24 after an employee tested positive. The road tests are open

-Fund for family of Rabbi Mandel ZT"L Donate HERE 
-Leaked audio of  NY Gov Cuomo  admitting that the new COVID lockdowns in New York (targeting Orthodox Jews only) is not based on any science or medical expertise, but rather in his words is a “fear based response.” Hamodia
-Cuomo denies- "There was never a directive that said: 'We will send COVID positive people back to nursing homes.' but evidence shows it was scrubbed from the NYS website here
-Maimonides Reducing Visitation Due to COVID Outbreak in Brooklyn 
-LIC Lakewood industrial meeting 11:30 am Agenda here live stream Here

-According to a new poll conducted by Ami Magazine, 83% of Orthodox Jews will vote for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, while 13% of Orthodox Jews say they’re voting for former Vice President Joe Biden. The poll also found that 76% of its respondents believe that the President is unfairly portrayed by the media. The poll surveyed 1,000 Orthodox Jews in 22 states.

-Wedding halls limit crowd to comply with social distancing regulations. Format changed up to make room for shifts seuda for 150 bentching at 9 pm followed by second shift of simchas chosson vkallah.

-Lee Trunkey Farm responds in a long Facebook post to allegations that they closed only for Chol Hamoed and some called them out for being anti semetic-  some excerpts from the post: " If we were anti-Semitic, would we have allowed this holiday to continue on our farm for the past 30 years?  You really believe we all of a sudden decided that we dislike an entire population of people?  Or maybe, just maybe, do you think we’re concerned about Covid like much of the world?  We have hosted great Jewish customers all summer long.  Over the years  we host thousands of Jewish camp groups for tours in the summer.  This year, in fact, ALL tours and hayrides were cancelled due to Covid and the large group restrictions.  Not just Jewish tours, ALL tours.  Our own grandchildren are a quarter Jewish, for goodness sake! 

Our farm is different from many others because it is not in the middle of the country with wide open spaces.  We are a “fishbowl farm”, surrounded by thousands of neighbors all watching every move we make.  They have come to expect the large crowds we draw every year during Sukkot.  However, this year is not like others.  Many of our neighbors are afraid of Covid.  If we had carried on as usual, there would have been a social media firestorm criticizing the lack of social distancing and the lack of mask wearing.  We can’t seem to win.  My own parents, who live on the farm, are 83 and 93 years old.  They are at risk as well.  

We are truly sorry for the disappointment we have caused this year.  For those who have posted bad reviews, we do hope you will reconsider your words.  Covid has messed with all of our lives and we could do without the hatred.  We invite you to stop by any time the rest of the season.  We are happy to have you.  Next year, we intend to carry out our Fall Harvest Festival as normal.  If you choose to take your business elsewhere, that is your right as a patron, but please be acutely aware to the fact that we are in no way anti-Semitic, and I will reiterate how hurt we are by this accusation.  We are, however, pro-health and anti-Covid.


  1. BMG grant
    $150 ltsa bussing
    Bla bla bla
    Stop the mesira

  2. BMG only sent out a few checks. Most talmidim received nothing.

    1. The checks were sent to bochurim and youngeleit that are eligible under cares act guidelines they have to be undergraduate.
      LSTA didnt give any credit or refund for unused funds.

  3. we had a very positive experience at Lee Turkey Farms in the past! Thank you!

  4. Why did BMG send such tiny checks? They were supposed to distribute THREE MILLION dollars? Where did the rest of the money go??

  5. Murphy is better than Cuomo but a few self appointed spokespeople do not represent or speak on behalf of Lakewood residents on how they feel about Murphy.

    1. 'Murphy is better than Cuomo'because he caves in more?!

  6. Re:Lee Trunkey Farm

    Some will whine about just everything


  7. We're gonna be shut down again. It's only a question of when. The Kapos are getting ready to test our children IN YESHIVA! Enough! Whatever happened to HIPAA rights? G-d save us all!

    1. Kapos = someone who disagrees with me.

      Rights = manmade non-Jewish ideas, not connected to Torah.

      If we are indeed shut down, we can either blame someone else. Or we can look inwards and figure out what we could have done differently to receive a different outcome.

      A smart people should know better than to whine and throw tantrums.

    2. Anon 1:56

      Wow! You are so introspective and thoughtful! So nuanced and truthful ! What would would klal yisrael do without self berating , hand wringing people, encouraging us to look inward and find our faults , and that we are causing this to ourselves, that we could act smarter.



      Just go away please. Please !!

    3. Hi Anon 5:32.
      I loved your name calling. And your all caps rant. It almost made sense. But then it didn't.
      But I should go away, because you know all about this virus, and I am an elitist snob.

      Here is a simple point. Don't pick a fight with someone who is stronger than you, and then whine when you get punched in the jaw. The Governor has the power, not you. And picking fights is irresponsible. Whether he is right or wrong, you find a way out, because he is stronger.

      And btw, it wasn't the government that came up with masks and social distancing. It was doctors, experts in public health. As Rabbi Weiss wrote in his letter, throughout our history we relied on doctors, we never had our own opinions in medicine. There is no reason this time should be different.

    4. @1:56, I guess 5:32 doesn't know better than to throw a tantrum because that's just what he did, calling you names and in Upper Case letters, no less. I'll bet he was on the floor kicking and screaming too. Waah, it's not my fault that the pandemic numbers are going up, Waaah, I don't wanna stay stuck under my bed forever, Waaah! I don't even have to listen to you, so there!

    5. Uninformed, incoherent, idiotic comments, when written in all caps, do not suddenly become any more informed, coherent or intelligent.

  8. I wish Dov Hikind would move to Lakewood and represent us on the Township Committee. He's probably the one Democrat that I wouldn't have a problem voting for. He is truly a defender of Yidden first and 'Democrat' second.

  9. Kapos = losers who are self made askonim, licking up to the local power, and throwing their brothers to the dogs.
    Right = regular people having the ability to go about their daily lives without severe and unnecessary restrictions.
    If according to the self made askonim, the tzibur won't follow their rules, and they therefore will start unnecessary testing, they will be liable for closures that happen. Not inward or outward or anyward

  10. Nobody needs to get tested. You can stay home. If you want the state to allow the schools to stay open, the children need to get tested. I proudly signed the form my children brought home, knowing that I am doing my part to ensure schools stay open. Instead of fighting fruitless fights, and standing on principle while paying the price of losing out on weeks of childrens' learning Torah, I gave up on my HIPAA rights. It was an easy decision.

    1. If your asymptomatic Primary kid tests positive, your whole family has to be quarantined for 2 weeks. Not a pleasant experience! I don't want to have to take tzedakah, but if I can't work I can't be paid. Not everyone is eligible for Unemployment benefits.

    2. If your asymptomatic Primary kid goes to school undetected and infects even one other kid, who then goes and infects someone else, who can easily be someone with a compromised immune system or with some other condition, do you want that Achrayus?

    3. If we're keeping the schools open, then by the time a positive test is found, the virus would have already spread without anyone knowing. Immune- compromised individuals have to be wary no matter what. Plus, the teachers are pushed to go to school even if they're not feeling well. If they're not going to have mandatory testing for the staff, then the whole thing is just a farce anyway. Don't test. Save your sanity. In fact, a family I know has had to keep quarantining as the family members have had their testing show up positive sequentially, messing everything up in their lives indefinitely.

  11. Are kids in public school being tested? Why are yeshiva kids being singled out?

    1. Good question.
      Once someone came to Chelm and he saw the Shamash looking around for something. He asked him what he is looking for.
      "my wallet", answered the Shamash.
      "Where did you lose it?", asked the visitor.
      "on the next street", answered the Shamash.
      "So why are you looking for it here?", asked the visitor.
      "Because here there is more light", came the answer.

      The Yeshiva Kids are getting sick, the virus is running fast through the Orthodox Jewish community. Why should they test people outside of this community?

    2. Yeshiva kids are not getting sick. Not sure why you think they are. There are 30,000 kids enrolled in private schools. How many tested positive even when other family members did? Statistically zero.

  12. Are you kidding?? What rock are you living under? Aside from Lakewood, almost no public schools are back to regular classes! Many are still fully remote, with parents scrambling and kids not learning much. The rest are hybrid, meaning each student is assigned 2 days a week to go to school. The teachers must teach half the class in person while simultaneously teaching the other half remotely. There are daily health screening and temperature checks, masks at all times, six foot distancing both in and out of the classroom, hand washing hourly, with kids under 9 supervised lest they try to eat the hand sanitizer, no sharing of supplies and materials between students, and much more. If I need to take a sick day for ANY reason, I must present proof of a negative Covid test, or be subject to mandatory 2 weeks out.
    I think before we yeshiva parents start complaining about a few tests, let's take a moment to stop and appreciate how EASY we have it!

  13. Hakafot on ST is barely 500 years old, not thousands.
    And dancing like we do today is much newer.