Sunday, December 20, 2015

Township Menorah goes back up

So much for it being a religious symbol the Township Chanukah menorah has been put back up in town square by the Lakewood township. Perhaps its for next year :) Read Minutes of the meeting Decmber 3rd HERE where the whole issue was discussed at the township committee meeting and yes you can see the Township was actually threatened with having the ACLU involved.


  1. Judging from the lack of comments here on this issue it seems the one guy that cares about this nonsense lost his iphone

    1. I have an android.. It's over. I told the lady at the last town meeting that we have legal precedent for a Menorah. Her "apology" was mostly a repeated request for a Manger scene. I told her very nicely that Manger scenes are not the norm for holiday decorations, they have been mostly Considered overtly religious, similar to the ten commandments displays. True. Nobody really cared about the Menorah. What we all cared about was our own committee capitulating to an overtly hostile, if not anti-semitic demand.