Sunday, December 6, 2015

Erev Chanukah shopping

The stores were packed today on Erev Chanukah. From the donuts and latke ingredients at the supermarkets to Judaica stores for last minute menorah and chanukah gift items, Amazing savings and everything in between. You couldn't find a parking spot in some shopping centers. It had an erev Yom tov feel in all the sense and B'H yidden are supporting each other doing business while at the same time consumers are taking advantage of the many chanukah sales and promotions offered by local merchants. At a time were many are struggling with parnassah and cant make ends meet, store owners lower prices which benefits everyone.

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  1. Sunday afternoon I received a phone call from a very concerned person who passed by the town square on Clifton Avenue and noticed that our usual small menorah that had always been placed in there opposite the humongous Christmas tree was now missing. I joked that perhaps they have decided to either repair the menorah or replace it with one of an adequate size considering the enormous Jewish population in Lakewood. Imagine my shock when I found out from one of our committee men who was quite upset that the other committee men had told him that they want the Menorah removed because a single person had complained that it is a question of separation of church and state and demanded that the menorah be removed from the town square. I was shocked beyond belief that our town which has allowed Jews for Jesus to convene in the town square on a regular basis using township electricity paid for by taxpayers which is an absolute illegal use and a definite problem when it comes to church and state, was now demanding that a menorah which has a legal precedent from the Supreme Court in 2002 that it is a legitimate symbol of the holidays and it is not a religious object per se and not a problem with the separation of church and state, be removed . How disgusting that a township committee with our people on it that don't seem to care when they allow irresponsible growth, abuse of public funds, favoritism, nepotism, pay to play politics, and all other sorts of corruption to thrive in Lakewood. Yet when it comes time to defend a symbol of pride that previous generations have died to stand up for,cower and run for the hills. I have never been so ashamed of my Township Committee. And I never, ever want to hear again that they are standing up for torah. They are standing up for money. Plain and simple. Money.