Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tonight Lakewood township committee meeting

Thu, July 7, 7:30pm – 8:30pm  Municipal Building - Auditorium
ORDINANCES FIRST READING – Second Reading and Public Hearing to be
held on July 21, 2016 -Agenda HERE.
1. A Capital Ordinance of the Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey Providing for the Acquisition of a New Chassis Mounted Spray Patch Truck, and Appropriating $217,000 Therefor, Authorized in and by The Township of Lakewood, in The County Of Ocean, New Jersey.

2. An Ordinance Amending Chapter XVIII, Zoning Districts (Unified Development Ordinance), Article IX (Zoning Districts and Regulations) Section 901(B)(1), Establishment Of Zoning Districts And Zoning Map Of The Code Of The Township Of Lakewood (Zoning Map Acceptance)

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