Monday, July 18, 2016

New sephardic center in Lakewood opened its doors this shabbos

By, Rabbi Ovadia
What a tremendous turnout for our first Shabbat! We will be getting more chairs and tables to fit almost forty people. 
The excitement that filled the air was truly special. Boys read portions of the Tefilla, and enlisted their fathers to teach them more, my daughters joined me in shul and felt at home, and so many people came forward vying to be part of building a community center and Bet Kenesset, Baruch Hashem. Bookshelves, Humashim, lighting, Kiddush - everyone wanted to participate in some way, and this is exactly what we are hoping to create. 
As someone  noted: "This will inspire our next generation to do and to lead"... 

I must thank all of you who participated - or have yet to participate - in our campaign. May Hashem give us the success and blessing we need to do the right thing and inspire our children, Amen!


  1. Where is this?
    Who are the people?
    SY's, Morocan, etc?
    Who's the Rabbi?

  2. where is this place?

  3. Rabb Dwek's shul in Pine River?
    WOW! great news.
    Join the vasikin minyan
    Naitz today was 5:40

  4. Where on Pine Street is this Shul?
    I can't find it.