Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It was a commercial

Last Thursday a video clip was shown of some guys playing or at least pretending to be playing  pokemon go in front of a Yeshiva. It appeared to be a joke, but  subliminally it might have portrayed talmidei chachomim in a bad light. Turns out it was part of a scene filmed in Lakewood for a kiruv organization to pair up chavrusah mates. Lesson, dont judge until you see the whole picture.


  1. somehow that makes it ok, I guess?

  2. that organization usually does not leave a good taste in a normal persons mouth after seeing their ads and promotions.

  3. Don't you know that ends always justify the means

  4. Genug shoin with the bebetchking. A little kiruv humor. Nothing wrong except the fact it doesn't fit into your idea of 'frum'. Get over it.

    1. Please tell us how frum you are so we can gauge your comment.

  5. big deal. it wasn't made for the frum olam. it was made for the fraye chevra. genug shoin takeh!