Thursday, July 14, 2016

BMG Talmidim lead NJ in first time pass rate on CPA exam

For next year sefira calendar


  1. Very nice. I hope the Rosh Yeshiva is calling Rabbi Lander and Touro right now to gloat. Oh. I forgot that is not Torah. Someone lost their way here.

  2. Does this mean current or former talmidim.

    1. current. they take the test to be able to go straight to accounting school on their BA from BMG.

  3. It probably means students that have most of their credits from BMG. It can't possibly mean current students who aren't allowed to take college courses (or at least weren't when I was there)

    To those who don't approve of this how are you making a parnasah?
    Because if there is any Gezel Akum or genavas daas involved you really aren't in the position to have a negative opinion of someone who tries to make an erlicher parnoasah.

  4. Yiddisher kupp.

  5. It's current students who register to sit for the exam with their BA.

    Second highest passing score is FDU due to Bmg guys registering to sit from the PCs course.


  7. The reason BMG is even listed is because in order to register for the exams you need to provide your undergraduate degree. As it happens the majority of men taking the PCS/FDU accounting course receives a BTL from BMG. These are small classes whose students are fully dedicated to earning a livelihood and therefore take the exam very seriously, more so than the average student. And since exam administration allows one to sit for the exams (not licensed) with just the bachelors degree, BMG is ultimately associated with the passing rate.