Monday, July 25, 2016

BDE R' Tzvi Rackoff Z'L

After a short illness R''L Reb Tzvi Rackoff a''h Passed away early this morning. Levaya will take place in Lakewood 11:30am at the 7th street chapel, kevurah is in Clifton, NJ. R' Tzvi Aryeh, (27) originally from Passaic and a son in law of Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Weinberger of Lakewood. He was a Chaver kolell at Beth Medrash Govoha he leaves behind a wife and 1 child May the mishpacha know of no more tzaar.

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  1. BDE

    What another horrific tragedy to hit us

    10th innocent child or infant niftar in the month of July

    ANOTHER 9 innocent infants & children niftar R”L during the month of june

    AND OVER 220 niftar just over the last 2-3 years alone R”L

    This is horrific & is not usual but is a Mageifa R”L and calls for immediate teshuva to stop it from continuing C”V.

    All names & records saved with dates & how Niftar R”L

    MAY we all do Teshuva ASAP so this mageifa stops ASAP

    May his neshama have an Aliya

    May his family have a Nechama