Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Israeli Supermarket Chain to open in Lakewood

Osher Ad will open its doors in New York and New Jersey, providing ultra-Orthodox Jewish and other local customers with kosher products at low prices.
 Osher Ad will be the first Israeli supermarket chain to break into the US market, opening a number of branches in New York and New Jersey areas.

A Brooklyn branch is set to be located on a 5,700 square meter plot with 300 parking spots. “We have been surveying the area for a number of years in expectation of this opportunity,” said Aryeh Baum, one of the owners of Osher Ad. “Commercial properties that suit our concept in terms of size are very rare in this area, where one of the largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in the world resides.”

A branch will also open in Lakewood, New Jersey, the city with the highest growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish population in the US, which currently stands at 60,000 or approximately half of the city. Moreover, a third branch will be opened in Munsie, a city in upstate New York, in which a large ultra-Orthodox Jewish community lives as well.

“The common denominator between Israeli and American Jewish communities is the need for kosher products and low prices,” noted Baum.

The American network of “Osher Ad” supermarkets will be managed by a local and an Israeli manager who will relocate to the US. It will operate according to the successful model in Israel, which sells kosher products at low prices. However, the American branches will cater to the needs of the American Jewish market, providing a large takeaway section. “At the moment, we are focusing on New York and after we are established there, we will (explore opportunities) in other regions,” Baum added.

Rahem Moshe Margalit, Aryeh Baum, and Yehuda Lanaido, the co-owners of Osher Ad, have worked in retail supermarkets for many years. They first established Zol Poh with Co-op North and Club Market approximately 20 years ago. Zol Poh targeted the ultra-Orthodox, but also reached a large segment of the general populace when it opened a huge branch in Be’erot Yitzhak. Zol Poh has served as a model that the three owners have employed throughout their careers: big stores, a relatively small selection, large individual items, and limited service. There are no bakeries, take away stations, delis, or delivery service.

After Club Market collapsed, Margalit, Baum, and Lanaido opened Alef with Supersal. However, Supersal purchased their one-third stake for NIS 100 million. The trio then took their experience and new capital to open Osher Ad.

Via Ynet News, by Shoshana Chen


  1. If osher ad can come to lakewood why cant moshes/krm come too?

  2. Osher Od will be a competition to a KRM/Binik.
    Osher Od will cause havoc to the 3 new supermarkets in Lakewood.
    They are on the costco style.

    1. My point exactly!. If osher ad can come in then binik should do it as well and hopefully prices will and should come down

  3. "Munsie" isn't in upstate NY. It's in the Hudson valley.

  4. Another anonymousMarch 29, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    Munsie. Google translate

  5. Munsie or muncie is in indiana

  6. The doors are now wide open. Pgs lost the battle