Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fatal accident in Toms River

photo: TRPD
 Levaya in Lakewood tonight 9:30 pm  at the chapel on 7th street Kevurah in Monsey Bais olam rt 306 .
A Serious MVA right outside Lakewood on New Hampshire Avenue claimed the  life of Mrs. Leah Eisdorfer A'H nee (Bergman) a 28 year old Toms River mother of 3 R' L. Wife of R' Dovid Eisdorfer (B'r Yitzchok,of Montreal), Father is R' Meir Bergman. reports it happened in the  North Dover section of the township. A Baby who was in the car is in stable condition expected to make a full recovery. The family recently moved from Lakewood to Toms River. Levaya in Lakewood tonight 9:30 pm chapel on 7th street Kevurah in Monsey bais Olam.
 Besuros Tovos.


  1. Brother is R' Nochum Bergman.

  2. ברוך דיין האמת

  3. may we all do teshuva ASAP so the tzaros in klal yisroel can finally end

  4. our deepest symphony to the entire Bergman and Eisdorfer families in this tragic time. May they B"H" only know simchas from now on and have the strength to go forward in the face of such a life altering event.

  5. This is so beyond beyond tragic-what a sad sad day. and to start Chodesh AdarII with such a levaya - the oilem has to be mechazek themselves everybody with their own efforts, we must cry out to Hashem to help us find the way to do his ratzon in a way that is pleasing to Him. May we be zocheh to the Geula B'Karov. To the families - Hamakom yenachem eschem b'soch shaarei aveilei tzion v'yerushalayim - our hearts go out to you in this overwhelmingly painful tragedy.