Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Free P'tcha Giveaway

Free P'tcha Giveaway:
Shmuli's Grill & Smokehouse in Lakewood just launched their new upscale deli and they are presenting a new product, Smoked P'tcha, and they say it's the world's first perfect beefy flavored p'tcha with a genuine smoke finish.
They are convinced of the beauty and quality of the product that they are encouraging you to stop by tomorrow, starting at 12noon and grab one, at no charge, to enhance your Shabbos and to check out their new beautiful location. Absolutely no purchase necessary and understandably they are limiting one p'tcha per family, so that as many can enjoy as possible. They are preparing 200 containers, so first come first served.
They are located at:
1001 Madison Ave, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701


  1. I was there last night. The ptcha is THE BEST!! I also tried some other times, all were delicious and fresh. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. The food is beautifully displayed and unique. The service is also great, always with a smile. I wish shmuli much hatzlocha...

  2. What is Ptcha? how do u pronounce it.

  3. Pcha is an artery clogger

    1. Just call it heart attack.

  4. Pcha tastes great in the famous
    "dumpster samich"