Sunday, August 13, 2017

How Far From Lakewood, NJ

Thinking Road Trip? Distances from Lakewood New Jersey:

Atlantic City: 65 Miles 1 hour 7 mins
Catskills S. Fallsburg: 152 Miles 2 hours 31 mins
Cape May Zoo:1 h 20 min 83.4 miles  
Cleveland Heights, OH: 481 Miles 7 hours 32 mins 
Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park49 min 48 miles  
Fleischmanns, NY: 189 Miles 3 hours 10 mins 
Lake George, NY: 266 Miles 4 hours 6 mins
Lancaster, PA Dutch Wonderland: 122 Miles 2 hours 14 mins
Newport, RI: 248 Miles 4 hours 14 mins
Niagara Falls Canada 459 Miles 7 hours 9 mins  
Paterson Great Falls National Park: 1 Hour 15 Mins 70 Miles
Philadelphia: 69 Miles 1 hour 19 mins
Pocono Mountains Bushkill Falls: 134 Miles 2 hours 17 mins
Washington DC: 98 Miles 3 hours 25 mins


  1. Atlantic City is not an appropriate place to visit.

    1. So is NYC, not everyone associates Atlantic City with Gambling. There are plenty of family oriented attractions to go to go see for yourself. instead of sneaking out to casinos spend a day at the shore with the Mishpacha.

    2. Casinos in Atlantic city are closed for years already!

  2. Actually I looked it up..there are still some open.

  3. Forest And Second St. TO Chestnut during the many Rush Hours, typically 30 minutes, Round trip close to an hour, WASTED TIME and FRUSTRATED in Lakewood