Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lakewood family evicted from their home please help!

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Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Raphael I generally am not comfortable with reaching out to people for money, but after hearing my relative’s story I cannot stand on the sidelines and not do anything.

Unfortunately my cousin – a Lakewood resident- who has a full time job and has been supporting has family of 10 kids ke”h, came on to some hard times, and was recently evicted from his home because he couldn’t make his mortgage payments. The bank confiscated his home and he is now living in temporary accommodations. If his situation does not improve quickly he will be left literally on the streets with his wife and 10 children!!

The family needs a tremendous amount of financial help to get them out of this hole. Right now askonim are helping negotiate with the banks to try and save the house. But without significant financial help they will not be able to save it!

I’m turn to you Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim, please don’t sit by while my cousin and his family are homeless, this is one of us, who for reasons outside his control is in a terrible situation. PLEASE contribute whatever you can to save this family from financial ruin, and in this zechus may we all have parnassah and gezunt.

My sincerest thanks,



  1. Is there a difference between go fund me and

  2. both do the same i think gofund charge a bit