Friday, May 12, 2017

Fidget Spinner craze and advice

-Complimentary Fidget spinner at His place w  purchase
-Mini Fidget spinners at Toys for Thought $1.99
-Fidget spinners back in stock at Gourmet Glatt
-Lag Baomer Free spinners at Aisle 9 with $50  purchase of non sale items
-spintacular sale at Daily deals on 2nd $3,5,6

Here is some spinner advice by HH at Toys for Thought:
Feel free to give your spinner a try in the store. Make sure that you dont hear a scraping noise and that the spinner is balanced. Cheaper spinners usually have cheaper bearings that may not work as smoothly. If the child has small hands, look for a smaller lighter spinner. New inexpensive small ones are on their way.
All new Silicone rubber spinners are good if you are worried about them breaking. Some spinners have weighted ends without bearings. They are an excellent choice, as there are less parts that can break. 
Please keep spinners away from small children.the bearing covers in middle may be a serious choking hazard and can come loose. If you see a spinner on the floor in your home,please put it out of a small child's reach. 

And last but not least, if you take away a spinner from your child and can't give it back because you are enjoying it, go get your own.

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