Wednesday, May 3, 2017

250 slots open for Pre K

Lakewood Public Schools is now accepting registration for pre- K. The funding officially comes from the state and other grants. Some of the expenses  indirectly cost money and is paid from the local budget. The state should reimburse the district for these costs. It's nice to have grants but the indirect costs such as building maintenance extra staff etc.. take a toll on the local budget. Is the state paying b that too?
Central Registration
Who is eligible: Children who are 4 years old or who will be 4 years old by December 31 2017
and reside in Lakewood

1. Birth Certificate (we do not accept hospital certificates)
2. Proof of Residence (total of 4 proof). Two (2) primary proofs: Lease of
the house or apartment, tax bill, utility bill (gas, electric, cable), or a
Drivers License in mom/dad or guardians name. Two (2) secondary
proofs: credit card bill, medical bill, bank statement etc… If the bill(s) are
under someone else’s name other than mom/dad you can fill out a
residency form (green) that has to be signed and notarized by the
person who name appears on the bills
3. Medical Records: Physical and Vaccines
4. Proof of Income: Examples: Pay stub, W-2, Income Letter
5. To whom it may correspond: A Mantoux Test for tuberculosis if the child has
recently moved into Lakewood from a different country
6. To whom it may correspond: Custody Papers
7. To whom it may correspond: Individual Education Plans (IEP)/ Special Services
Thursday – May 11, 2017
Hours 8:00AM
855 Somerset Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701– Lakewood High School Auditorium
*** Accepting 250 Students ***

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  1. All these free services cost the tax payers dearly. Pre K is non mandated does anyone know how much township money is spent on it??