Friday, March 3, 2017

Turx takes off Twitter Yarmulka, confirms flat tire story about Trump

In an interview with Kol Habira the newspaper of the greater Washington area, Jake Turx mentioned that he is retiring his now famous Jake Turx Twitter yarmulke and will replace it with a more traditional one. In the article Turx said he confirmed the story about Donald Trump paying off the mortgage of a Jewish man (Rumored to be a Lakewood youngerman) who stopped on a NJ highway when Trump had a flat Tire.
About the Yarmulka  "he was told that it may have helped him stand out and get called on by the president amongst the 40-plus hands that were up at the time and that it was an effective marketing tool for adding thousands of twitter followers. However, he was also advised that a more traditional yarmulke would be deemed more respectful when speaking to the president, so he ultimately has made the switch. And now for the flat Tire story.

There is famous legend about Donald Trump that he paid off the mortgage of a man who stopped and helped him with a flat tire. For years it was rumored to be a Lakewood youngerman. The second instance involved a Jewish man who helped Trump with a flat tire without knowing who he was. Despite the person’s refusal to receive any sort of compensation for his help, Trump sent a bouquet of flowers before Shabbat with a note saying that he paid off their mortgage. Despite the story being rated as false on, Jake said that he confirmed this story with Eric and Donald Trump Jr., and that the President himself confirmed it but declined to provide further details to respect the privacy of the person he helped. 


  1. Breaking News, a suspect has been arrested in the JCC bomb threats. Juan Thompson, a left wing member of a minority community has been taken into custody in Missouri for the threats.

    The suspect used his own Facebook account, as well as that of his Jewish Ex-girlfriend to make the threats allegedly as an act of revenge against her.

    TURX can congratulate himself on being a tool for the left wing insurgency, who tried to pin this on Trump. This suspect was known to be under investigation for a while, it is highly possible that Trump was aware of it.

    The ADL should close down. They do more damage than good. It is likely that all the fake coverage and indignation led to the copycat crimes with the cemeteries.

    Given the location, particularly of the vandalized cemetery in Philly, it is unlikely that they were perpetrated by any "right wing" group.

  2. Harold HerskowitzMarch 3, 2017 at 1:10 PM

    First of all I got scared when you wrote he took off his Yrmulke. I thought we had another Matisyahu situation Chas vsholom. Happy to see he replaced it with another Yarmulke.

    Now for the politics. Please stop accusing this innocent young man of playing into any liberal agenda. He asked a simple question about antisemitic acts.
    As far as this all being a false alarm. I highly doubt this guy also destroyed Jewish cemeteries or made all the other bomb threats, graffiti attacks or beatings. Turxes question ,while maybe not worded perfectly (let's see how you would do in a stressful situation like that), was legitimate and respectful.
    Now please stop picking on him.
    I saw many reports about his question and the media spoke only positively about him .he made a kiddush Hashem.

    1. Hershel,
      The media spoke positively about him because he insinuated that Trump is an antisemite. The liberal media loves people like that.

      But the 50% of America who voted for Trump thought it was disgusting of him to insinuate that Trump is an antisemite. The fact that he dressed as an Orthodox Jew caused him to be for many Americans their first introduction to Orthodox Jews, and now now we are all looked at as being anti Trump (and by definition anti America).

    2. Harold HerskowitzMarch 4, 2017 at 8:11 PM

      Wow. How easily we throw one of our own under a bus. He even went out of his way to preface his question with an explanation as to how Trump could in no way be an anti semite. Turx was simply the victim of a misunderstanding. Yes he was used by the liberal media to make fun of the president. Media likes to spin things according to their agenda, but everyone knows that turx did nothing disrespectful. And nobody said he was Anti Trump and the world really doesn't care what orthodox Jews are . The ones that hate us,hate us no matter what. I can list you so many others that have caused serious chillul hashem.Turx is not on that list. I am not a big fan of his or any political pundits. I despise politics. But I do not like seeing Jews attack a fellow Jew that did nothing wrong.

    3. No, Hershel.
      He's a young inexperienced reporter who should not have asked a question untill he had a few months experience.
      Additionally, he doesn't belong there in the first place. I can guarantee you that the rag of a magazine did NOT send him there with Torah guidance. All this on top of the fact that if he decided to represent Orthodox Jews in the press room, let him tidy up a bit.
      So, we aren't picking on some young innocent nebech'l, the guy dug his own hole.


    4. Herschel, you have no idea what you are talking about regarding this issue. These ongoing false flags, trying to pin racist or anti-semetic acts on Trump have been going on for a year at least.

      Many, including a the burning of a black church that was blamed on Trump but perpetrated by one of it's own congregants, Swatstikas on college campuses, that were placed there by Jewish students etc, were false flags to make Trump look bad.

      These calls to JJC's where from the beginning, likely placed by a single source, yet CNN made it headline news, and tried to tie it to Trump. The same with the left wing Isreali reporter who asked Trump about it the day before.

      The World Jewish Congress, came out with a harshly written letter, in effect warning the ADL of the dangers of crying wolf on anti-semetism.

      We know that you don't like Trump, probably an irreversible side effect of growing up in L.A. But anyone with the slightest bit of political sophistication, and knowledge of the background in which the question was asked, knew it was a loaded question.

      The truth is, I doubt Turx knew, which considering that he does this for a living, shows how unsuited for the task he is.

    5. Hershel is a Bernie Sanders supporter

    6. Harold HerskowitzMarch 5, 2017 at 9:18 AM

      I don't give a fig about politics. But I would rather hear a person talk about how he wants to help people, no matter how ridiculous some of those ideas may actually be, than listen to a guy rant about hurting people. And please don't pull me into a discussion about how great trump is. I won't get into it. Let's talk about getting the blue Claws to pay their fair share of the millions they make in our stadium. Let's talk about fixing our zoning maps that were turned into a joke and are destroying entire neighborhoods where people invested their life savings. Let's talk about getting lakewood services the taxpayers deserve. Let's talk. But not about Bernie, trump or Hillary. Enough already.

    7. Nobody pulled you into anything, you chose to make a comment, just like you choose to send anti-Trump tweets.

    8. Harold HerskowitzMarch 5, 2017 at 1:17 PM

      I want just defending far as anti trump tweets, now that he is president, I am actually pro Trump. Oh, sorry, I meant to say I am pro Trump impeachmnet.

    9. Sorry to bust your bubble buddy, but 50% of this country didnt vote for trump. 50% of this country actually didnt vote at all. oh and his opponent had more people vote for her then Trump had. So ye about that Turx in no way incited that Trump was an anti semite, he actually went out of his way to say the extreme opposite. Peace & Love

  3. let Him Put on a Tie and be more Presnetable He is not the Satmar Rebbe