Thursday, March 2, 2017

Photos:Tree lands on School bus in Lakewood B'H no injuries

Photo: This morning, a tree landed on a moving school bus headed to pick up students from a local frum girls school in Lakewood, NJ. Boruch Hashem, there were no injuries in the incident, which occurred a short while ago near the intersection of White Road and Cross Street.
The bus was operating for Meoros Bais Yaakov, one of the premier girls elementary schools in Lakewood led by its dean, Rabbi Avrohom Landau.

The bus belongs to Jays Bus Co.


  1. Wow!! Wild article on Lakewood in the NJ Monthly.

  2. Just comes to show you how bad trees are. boruch hashem I know the developer there plans on cutting them all down

  3. Above comment is halirious! Maybe flannerry will use it tonights meeting to show why density is great! #killthetrees

  4. Hilarious not halirious