Monday, March 13, 2017

Snow storm Lakewood March 14, 2017

-Storm moves out icy conditions still a threat for Ocean county.
-Some schools on Oak street will have early dismissal due to black out.
-Power outage Spruce street area Oak street schools 1500 Customers Affected restoration expected at 3:30 pm
-Lkwd Chaveirim: Flooding alert Avoid Squankum road in the Carey and  Lawrence avenue areas Rt88 & Clover
-Storm is further west  Just Rain and wind,schools are open
-LSTA busses are running on regular schedule, schools with BOE busing will  have to car pool
-Lakewood store shelvs empty no rye bread left
-No kollel bus tomorrow. Kollel bus cancelled for tomorrow
-Lakewood Public School District will be closed tomorrow
-Township of Lakewood is cancelling Recycling and Trash pickup for  Tuesday 
-Lakewood shuttle cancels All busing for Tuesday.
-Private schools will decide about school closings in the morning.


  1. It's 12:25am and the snows coming down pretty heavy. Stay warm and safe all!

  2. James between Williams and rt 9 is pretty flooded as well.

    1. If you look you can see that it is all coming from the land they cleared for the new development

  3. Storm Stella is a no show and sends a freilichen Purim to all!!!!!