Saturday, March 11, 2017

Purim Lakewood 5777

*Urgent message from all Lakewood first responders*  Remember to be makeyem the mitzvas hayom of: Krias Megillah,Mishloach manos, Matonas Levyonim and Drink Ad dlo yoda 
-Blizzard watch Monday night  8-12 inches in Lakewood, storm watch in NJ
-Matonas levyonim aniyei ircha Lakewood donate HERE
-Minyan Shelanu Megillah reading after 2 pm Mincha
- Less traffic expected due to freeing temps in Lakewood
  Purim mesibos
-BMG second night in Beren building music 9-12 pm
-Purim at Lutzk BM
 Mincha 1:35
Second night Mesibah/Kumzits with issac honig 
Please be very careful driving  today. There are many men who are very drunk. Therefore there are a lot of women driving very dangerous
-Levin Brothers playing tonight in Somerset walk
-Benny friedman Freilach band Oliver court
- Rte 9 and Cross street in the tent big party

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  1. Must be a typo. Why if men are drunk must therefore women be driving dangerously? One does not have to do with the other.