Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lakewood news March, 21 2017

-Hespedim tonight for Reb Yaakov Yitzchok Stern ZT"L at BMG Beren building 6:30 pm. Rav Yisrael Ehrlich shlita to deliver divrei hesped.

-Ksivas Oisios for Mir Yeshiva Yerushalayim  Bicentennial Celebration  Event  today 7:30- 11:00pm  at 1302 Twin Oaks Lakewood. The event is Sunday  March 26 at the Historic Bell Works Building in Holmdel NJ

-Azeres tefila berov am, tonight Tuesday with Rav Elyah Ber Vachtfoigel Lizchus  a refuah for Rav  Avrohom Luria shlita at Orchos Chaim hall 7:30pm. For men  and women at 410  Oberlin avenue Lakewood, NJ.

-Yartzheit gathering for Rav Eli Baruch finkel ZT"L 7:30 KZY 175 Sunset

-Lakewood Planning board meeting tonight 6:00 pm TBL HERE
-LFD: New commissioner sworn in watch Video of meeting HERE by FAA
-NJ American Water Starts Annual Water Main Flushing in Lakewood
-Seasons Lakewood: 50% off deli counter, Tuesday March 21st

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  1. BS"D

    My computer restricts my access to blogspots. Could one of you out there do me a favor and download this comment to the "comment" section of the following site? (You can use my name "Chaim" if you wish.)



    I recently had a slew of e-mails with Yudel about this, and I pointed out repeatedly how this "chumrah" of his goes against:

    1. The gmara (Menachos 78.) which states that underbaked matzah can be used for the mitzvah as long as it is not underbaked to the extent that threading would occur when one breaks it (i.e. being exposed to insufficient oven heat will still not make it chameitz), and

    2. The seifer Chazon Ish (121:18) which states specifically that "yad soledes" heat will not create chameitz (This is approximately 110 F.).

    Aside from this, I referred him to the following websites:




    If one wishes to research the above he may do so. What comes out from this is that:

    1. Lactobacillus yeast peaks at 95F. - higher than this it will go dormant. Malleri yeast goes dormant at about 104 F.

    2. All yeast enzymes are considered to be thermally dead at 130 -140 F. (and even if this were not exclusively the case, they certainly would not create leavening at such a temperature!).

    Yudel had originally insisted that the "spring" stage is related to leavening, and I pointed out to him that the same happens in hand matzah ovens. When he insisted that the spring stage is more noticeable in the "cracker ovens" I told him that I'm quite certain that this is not due to any "spontaneous enzymatic action" - more likely it is caused by water evaporation; and that he "check this out himself". (He himself claimed previously that the dough is heated to 150 F. at this stage. Regarding the issue of the possibility of unbaked dough - I pointed out that this would also apply to hand matzos today, and that some claim that the Chazon Ish was himself careful not to allow [hand]matzah to soak in water before boiling. Even if this is the case, it was the Chazon Ish's own personal chumrah - not an official psak halachah.)

    Yudel continues to randomly disqualify ALL machine matzah other than "his own supervision", and has recently sunken to the stage of urging others to boycott "Gourmet Glatt" in retaliation to their resisting his bullying tactics. He has dismissed my last message to him that he "get over it already", and in accordance with the seifer Chafeitz Chayim (Shmiras Halashon) Perek 4: 7,10 there is an obligation to expose his shame in public!

    Were there a Sanhedrin today they would take measures against Yudel Shain as a "zakein mamrei", with maybe the leniency that he is not a standard poseik, and his ravings are therefore less likely to deter the public. But, in consumer terms the question remains about how far one must go to avoid patronizing his sponsors - inadvetendtly encouraging the libel to continue...

    For this one must ask a proper poseik.