Monday, February 27, 2017

Oif Simches Lakewood Feb 27 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Elchonon Schechter to Kalla Saks at the Pine River Village Simcha hall 36 Goldcrest Lakewood NJ

 Vort:  Hachosson Yosef Roberts (Teaneck) To Hakallah Rochel Honig bas R' Avrohom at Zichron Shneur hall 282 Oak Knoll Rd Lakewood 7:30- 10:30

-Wedding - Horowitz- Goldbaum at Neemas Hachaim hall

-Chasuna: Yagen- Diskind at Ateres chana hall bais Faiga

-Chasuna: Kaplan- Kamenetzky at Ateres Reva

- Chasuna: Horowitz- Shachter Lake terrace hall

-Parlor meeting inaugural  Lakewood event for Ezer L'shabbos Tzfas with the simply Tzfat band at River 978  Rt 9 @ 8:00 pm

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