Tuesday, November 15, 2016

“Bingo” a Kosher Costco Concept opens in Boro Park, plans for Lakewood area store

Ger Rebbe son
As reported back in March HERE “Bingo” a Kosher Costco Concept which has stores in Israel under the Osher Ad label opened its first store in the USA. The Brooklyn store is located in Boro Park at the former Pathmark location at 60th street and 13th avenue. A report in Koshertoday.com says the store will target the price conscious buyers. "Although the store will be huge and spacious, it will target the price conscious and the bulk buyers, especially the many large families in the area and beyond. Industry sources told Kosher Today that the store, to be called “Bingo” has already negotiated mega deals with kosher manufacturers, including several who agreed to private label for Bingo. The store is set to have a Costco (without the membership) look rather than the appearance of the numerous high-end kosher independent stores that currently dot many Orthodox neighborhoods" 


  1. From these two pictures it looks like a typical grocery store, not Costco.

  2. will they open up one in Monsey too??