Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whats on sale this week in Lakewood?

At Shloimy's kosher, Meal Mart 5Lb bulk Franks for $15.99 with coupon.
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  1. This past week Shloimy's advertised in the local weekly a $4 coupon off a sale item. The only stated condition was that the customer had to also purchase additional non-sale items. There was no minimum dollar amount required for the non-sale items.

    However, after shlepping down to the store because of this deal, the customers were refused the $4 discount, because there was a sign posted in the meat section that the coupon is only valid with an ADDITIONAL FIFTY DOLLAR purchase. Unfortunately, the customer was unable to spend the new and unadvertised requirement of $50 and was turned away at the register.

    This practice is unacceptable and totally unfair to customers. It is wrong for a proprietor to lure customers into their store through misrepresentation in advertising. This type of behavior is what we might expect from a shady used car salesman, and not from a local grocery market. Full honesty upfront should be your only policy if you want to keep your customers.

  2. It's a tough market out thereAugust 19, 2016 at 8:40 AM

    To # 1 - I also noticed that the Shloimy's ad in the shopper on page 161 that says nothing about an additional $50 minimum purchase in order to qualify for the $15.99 price on the Meal Mart Franks. But yet, when you go into the store, that's where you get hit with a big $50 surprise. Is this called ehrlich?

    Farm Fresh always advertises very clearly that to qualify for the sale price, the customer is "required" to spend a minimum of $10 on non-sale items. Aside from their minimum being $40 less than Shloimy's, the important part is that the customer knows what to expect when we drive to the store. FF has no hidden surprises..

  3. Kosher west also advertises very clearly that there's a $10 non sale item minimum required to be able to get the sale price.
    However, let's be Dan lkaf zchus - maybe it was a typo on shloimys part

  4. These supposed "typos" will only hasten their demise, unfortunately. If they want to stay relevant they better come up with some good ideas quick.