Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The quiet streets of Bein hazmanim in Lakewood

 No complaining or honking your horns, the streets can not be quieter than it is now. Are you surprised that you can park your car almost anywhere without driving around looking for a parking spot? If you ever imagined what a well planned thought out properly zoned infrastructure would look like than enjoy these few weeks of bein hazmanim. The bein hazmanim is not just for those who go away but for those that stay behind there is something to enjoy. Lakewood has everything you want for a relaxing vacation. If only we could always have such calm and quiet all year.


  1. So its the rabbinical college that creates the traffic as opposed to the people who live here?

  2. Im not finding it that quiet!

  3. Look at your corner for a traffic study being conducted for the development