Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rav Doniel Neustadt appointed Rav in Pine River village Ashkenaz shul

Rav Doniel Yehuda Neustadt has been appointed as the new rov of the Pine River Village Ashkenaz Shul in Lakewood, NJ. The appointment was officially made public this morning. 
A Few months ago Harav Boruch Saks shlita was appointed Rav of the Sefard minyan at PRV located in the same building as the Ashkenaz minyan. Rav Saks is a R''M in Yeshiva of Staten Island and was the Rav of the Agudah Zeirei minyan in Boro park for many years.


  1. So he is leaving Detroit? Or is this art time.

  2. he ewill be walking, like most Lakewood rabbonim, just his walk is a bit further!!

  3. is he staying in Detroit or not? How can he do both. Either one or the other.