Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bein hazmanim at the Beach

Lakewood is close proximity to the Jersey shore but for obvious tznius reasons most beaches are not accessible.  However there are some spots one can go to during off peak hours usually on the weekdays or in the evenings.
-Island beach state park - has usually just fishing during the week - exit 83 on the parkway. There is a fee to enter but you can find a private stretch.

-Mantoloking, drive down Cederbridge all the way go over a bridge Take the road after the bridge to the end  you hit rt 35 Make a right at the light  the road runs along the beach. To the left there are small side streets you can park for the beach. or you can park on side streets to the right. After 5-6 pm you can enter without a pass

 -Sandy Hook gateway national recreation area. This park is 45 minutes from Lakewood free entrance on weekdays  lots of beaches and during the week you can find lots of empty secluded areas as you go further out. Take rt 36 to the end. Picnic areas available.

-Ocean Avenue in W. Long Branch after 5:30


  1. Please don't go into the water without a life guard present. At times in search of a secluded/ tzniyut spot people forget common sense safety.

  2. People go for the air and breeze not necessarily to swim or wade in the water

  3. In mantoloking be very careful to park very legally. They are looking for any excuse to give a ticket.
    examples: make sure to park with the driver side towards the road even on a dead end street. dont park even partially where the curb is yellow. Etc Etc.