Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Video: DR. Meir Wikler delivers chinuch Vaad to Lakewood youngeleit

The ONE thing parents can do, to insure their children grow up emotionally healthy and well adjusted, and don't end up in a therapist's office.

Reb Meir Wikler, is a Ben Torah, long time therapist, inspiring speaker, and best selling author, that lives in Brooklyn. (He has recently begun seeing people in Lakewood, as well.)

A few months ago, at the request of "Yungerleit" in Lakewood, Reb Meir has agreed to speak on a monthly basis.

Packed with personal experience, and Divrei Torah, the "Vaad" has become a great success.

The next va'ad is scheduled for Sunday night, at 10:30 on July 17th, in the Sterling Forest Beis Medrash, IY"H.

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  1. DR. Wikler is from the good therapists. What you really dont want is for your children to end up at one of the free therapy agencies. Most of the therapists are interns with zero experience practicing on the job. There have been quite a few cases recently were therapists in the outpatient departments got involved with kids from divorced homes or parents going through separation. In some cases one of the parents mainly the father was not notified at all that his children were being treated by the agency or seeing the therapists. It has caused irrevocable harm to both child and parent. In a few cases authorities were called on a father on trumped up allegations and frum children were placed under govt control just so these agencies can continue getting more $$ which is the bottom line. If you need therapy either go to Dr. Wikler or pay out of pocket. Free will end up costing you more.