Friday, June 10, 2016

Tzedaka for Tzorchei Yom Yov Aniyei Ircha of Lakewood Segula on Erev Shavuos

DONATE HERE for Aniyim in Lakewood. Erev Shavuos is a segulah to give tzedaka. A 3 day yom tov is not easy for those that are struggling even if all 6 meals are milchig! help ease the burden for  those who cant. Money will be distributed today erev Shavuos in Lakewood. There is a segula for one that wants a son to separate 91 perutahs on Erev Shavuos and then add more till he gets to 104, the gematria of 2 times ben, and then give it to a humble, worthy talmid chacham. (R’ Yaakov Falagi, Father of R’ Chaim Falagi) Shevuos is a good time to daven for barren woman. It is brought down from mekubolim that when the Mishna in Roshana says that we are judged on fruits of the tree, it refers to children, because man is called a tree and the fruits are the children.
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