Sunday, June 19, 2016

BD'E Reb Yitzchock Meir Weisberger Z'L

Tragic petirah of Reb Yitzchock Meir Weisberger Z'L (65) who succumbed to his injuries following an accident last night at county line & Squankum rd in front of the Wawa in Lakewood. He was a mispalell at Rav Paskez shul on East Harvard in Lakewood. Rav Yitzchok Meir was originally from Yerushalayim he lived in boro park and moved to Lakewood. He served as a mashgiach kashrus in various food establishments. The Levaya will take place at 11 am at Bais Elimelech 105 E Harvard, Lakewood. Kevurah in Long Island. May we only hear of besuros tovos.

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  1. Tehillim in our shul now 105 E Harvard