Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rabbi Moshe Rabinowitz ZT''L remembered at the Oorah radiothon

Hear the strory of Reb Moshe Rabinowitz ztz"l, a man who held numerous positions in the community, among them Menahel of MeYeshiva Keren Hatorah, and Rav of Beis Medrash Tiferes Shimon in lakewood, NJ. Yet, he found the time to reach out and study Torah with unaffiliated Jews with Oorah's TorahMates program. He did not view his Torah Mate as a secondary responsibility. In fact, a short while before his passing while in excruciating pain, the one thing on his mind was who will take over and learn with his TorahMate after his passing. Hear about this great man from the words of his TorahMate, Dr. Martin Fried, and from his son, R' Yisroel Rabinowitz Shlit"a.

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