Friday, June 3, 2016

Lost Diamond Recovered in Lakewood Parking Lot

Hamodia A diamond lost Wednesday in a Lakewood parking lot was found by Chaveirim after a 20-minute search. At around 2 p.m., a woman called Chaverim of Lakewood to report the missing diamond.  The “woman was in the parking lot of a store in a public area,” Chaveirim member Shimshon Wulliger told Hamodia. “She slammed the door on her finger. The ring got stuck and the diamond of the ring fell off and got lost in the parking lot.”The woman told Chaveirim that she was too nervous to leave since the diamond had fallen off the ring and it might get stolen.
Chaveirim cordoned off the area and began a search. After 20 minutes, the diamond was found by Chaveirim member Amrum Orgal. Hamodia

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