Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lakewood will receive + $2,406.73 per student under Christie fairness school formula

According to data compiled by NJ.com the state aid to the Lakewood school district would go up by 59%. The new plan calls for a flat per pupil formula of $6,599. Currently out of the $9.1 Billion state aid to schools 31 districts known as "Abbot districts" receive $5 billion while the remaining 546 share $4 billion in state aid. Will property taxes go down? who knows. In addition, the current formula of state aid for special ED in Lakewood does not take Lakewood's unique situation into account with more special ed needs. The state assumes x amount of students will need special ed services based on the number of total public school students. The 30,000 private school students are not in the equation which results in less state aid. Lakewood currently receives $24,690,607 in Special ed services (Here) the big chunk comes from local property taxes.


  1. hhell or high water, our taxes will never go down here in our sleepy little pillage the village of lakewood.

  2. Harold herskowitzJune 28, 2016 at 7:29 PM

    Soni other words more money per enrolled public school student. Now would be an excellent year to enroll every child in public school and watch Christie have a cow. We need to be an Abbot district if we want our taxes lowered. Not sure if we qualify anymore now that we have homes with helipads on their roofs.

    1. I know when my children are old enough they will enroll in public school.