Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Isru Chag Shavuos, Lakewood

Tuesday, Isru Chag, most Lakewood schools will be starting at regular time with regular transportation.
The Yom tov of Shavuos in Lakewood was celebrated by thousands in Lakewood over 3 days. The weather was hotter than expected over the first 2 days, the 2nd day YT saw nice weather making it easy on those who walked eating out by friends and family. In many developments shabbos goy services were available for those ovens that shut off, AC or lights turned on etc. In a reverse of the usual, Parents, in laws, siblings flocked to Lakewood to spend tom tov with their children. The kol Torah was heard shavuos night in all yeshivos and botei midrashim of Lakewood. Many shuls hosted special learning programs for kids who stayed up late shavuos night. A dilemma this year among 5th grade rebbeim, if to encourage the boys to stay up or not various opinions were said, some held not to push kids at all to stay up, but rather had special learning programs over the rest of shavuos.
Many Lakewood children participated in the shavuos kids for kiruv learning program getting sponsors for hours learned. A Hachnosas sefer torah took place shavuos night at the vasikin minyan in Chateu park. The Yom tov culminated with a neilas haachag at Bais Medrash govoha were the dansing and simchas Yom tov goes on hours after the zman.

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