Thursday, June 30, 2016

Heading to the Catskills? general info

 Lakewood residents heading up to the Catskill mountains for the weekend some information to keep in mind.
- Sign up for traffic alerts HERE from Roadinform or simply go HERE on your mobile device.

-Notice The changes at exit 163 on the GSP if your taking the Jersey 17 its on the right side of the Parkway.

-As in previous years, the Mincha Area will be open from 5 to 11 PM each Thursday night. Those who make use of the facility are reminded to park only on the upper level, not to engage in solicitations or collections of any kind and to obey all traffic laws.
Kosher food will be available in the upper level vending machine 


  1. Why does someone who lives in Lakewood feel the need to rent or own a bungalow. We have nice homes not squashed like the city. A few weeks for vacation I understand but for 8 weeks, what's the point?

    1. It's about getting away from your wife for 2 months..

    2. If u have girls only they are off from
      June 16 til sept 16
      Day camp is a fortune and some families live in cramped complexes
      Getting cool fresh air
      Pool everyday
      And enjoying trees and grass ( are there any left in Lkwd?) is very therapeutic for many
      Also some people work in camps
      Some peoples kids work in camps
      And some wanna be near the grandparents
      If everyone would b mekayim matovu it would b good

  2. If you need entertainment on the way up:
    (712) 432-4212 - Kol Bramah
    (712) 432-4217 - Radio Hidabroot (NY)
    (712) 432-4213 -
    (712) 432-4214 - Scanner line (NY Hatzolah, FDNY, NYPD etc).

  3. Where in Lakewood can on a have his children just run around and have fun in a secure environment with no cars driving around. Swimming playing hiking meeting new friends catching frogs etc. Bungalow life is relaxed no pressure. For a mother it's a dream vacation supper is a nightly BBQ or something out of the freezer. Of course one has to afford it but those who be can go it just doesn't compare to staying home.

  4. It's OK everybody. The one who asked the year ion thinks it's still 1985.