Monday, June 27, 2016

Girls camp season begins

Summer has begun and the girls schools in Lakewood have finished for the year. Camp season begins today with girls proudly wearing their camp bags and other camp paraphernalia. After a long hard year with some snow storms,  busing threats, homework etc.. the kinderlach get some time to unwind in a non pressure environment enjoying the summer fun.  


  1. Not to mention the freedom of ditching their school uniforms finally being able to express themselves.

  2. Nebach some women in their 30's 40's and even 50's still need to express themselves in an untznius fashion no less

  3. Not everyone can afford camp I happen to keep my kids at home. We have a merry go round system with neighbors alternating days. Ironically kids come knocking on my door collecting for Keren Kayitz.

    1. that's not what the word irony means.