Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shabbos sheva brachos challenge

The chasunah was somehow taken care of and paid for. Great strides were made over the years to bring down wedding costs. Halls have takana packages for flowers and music bands there are cheaper affordable options.  Gemachs for Wedding gowns are plentiful (if your lucky to reserve for the wedding date). The challenge today is the Shabbos 7 brachos. Both financially and logistical.  With growing mishachos ka"h the costs go up this is not factoring in extended family but immediate families from both the choson and Kallah sides. Putting up 100 people is no easy task. Those who can afford it go to a hotel with catered meals. For the less fortunate there is no cheap hotel option. A local hall in a shul or school is usually where it is done. Food is either catered or the siblings split the chores amongst
themselves.  But than again it has to be within walking distance of were the guests are staying. An option many have used is making the simcha in a development were residents offer their homes, guestrooms and basements. In this area the hachnosas orchim in Lakewood is legendary. Some developments have a list of homes and a system set up to put up guests. Winter months are a bit easier with the short day, but for the Baal simcha easing the burden both logistical and financial is true sharing in yenems simcha.


  1. Excellent point - same thing obviously for aufruf - although not two sides, still a lot of expense - my sons' aufruf cost me more than the wedding !!!!

  2. Are you kidding? The cost of Shabbos Sheva Brachos is miniscule compared to support!

  3. We need Takanos for the shabbos sheiva bruchis too. Only adults or kids above bar mitzva.

  4. Please, this is communism at its best. Takonos for this, Takonos for that. Don't spend more than you can afford. Nobody remembers the miniatures, flowers, etc 5 min after they leave the simcha. You don't want to make a smaller scale simcha unless everybody else also has to.

  5. you don't need to invite so many people, just immediate family and ten more friends or neighbors, just for dessert and bentching. The Sahbbos food itself can be your standard Shabbos menu - no thinking about what menu to make either. I think Shabbos sheva brochos isn't to hard.

    1. That's exactly the point even without inviting there is still many people within the immediate families bh tthere are large mishapachos today.