Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oif Simchas

 Simchas mishpachas Jerimias Shalom Zocher this Friday night at the home of R' Burich Jerimias at 8 Primrose Dr in Lakewood. There will be davening in the large tent behind the house. Shira choir, Zevi fried will be there all
night. Outdoor party in a heated tent. Friday night Davening, with Shira choir. Chazan Unger accompanied by Zevi Fried and Shira choir. Shulem Zucher outside. Full menu. Hot food etc. Motzei Shabbos there will be Havdlah with the full choir for an hour with singing until 6:30pm The Rosh Yeshiva of Mir, Rav Nosson Tzvi's Rebbitzen and R' Binyomin Carlbach will iyh attend the Bris Wednesday


  1. Simchas Bais Jerimias?? is he a self anointed rebbe? cmon!

  2. Reb Boruch is from the biggest baalei tzedaka in the frmmeh velt today. The amounts on the checks he's cutting for mosdos, tzedokos and for anyone in need is staggering. He does it all b'tzinuh with zero fanfare. I'm shocked that the details of his sholom zochor got out. The entire Lakewood should be there to show our hakoras hatoiv for Reb Boruchs askunus on behalf of the klal as well as his position on the board of governors for BMG. Mazal Tov Barry!