Monday, November 23, 2015

OIf simchas- Vivaser

New Cheder hall 

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  1. here is a tip for hefkerfvelt

    It seems that police were called to the 14th street neighborhood when a black male in a black mercedes was seen driving slowly around that neighborhood. when questioned it became known that this man is the same man that was convicted five years ago for a forced entry robbery in the same area. He was released a few months ago. The police did not have any criminal evidence to detain him and he was free to go, but be very aware if you see a black male in a black mercedes driving around. as of now there is a strong suspicion that he and perhaps others with him, are finding out when people are not home and breaking in. Before his arrest he had broken into homes while people were in the house. Be aware, and call police if you see anything or anyone suspicious.