Thursday, November 19, 2015

A nice review from the guru

After seeing so many posts about South Side Sandwich Shop & Smokehouse and following Joseph S. Mutterperl on this group I finally had the privilege of going down to Lakewood, NJ and checking it out. First off I must say, he is an extremely nice guy, a real mentch and was so nice to talk to about food and smoking meat. We had so much food and tried so many things. Everything was very good. I really enjoyed the long bone smoked rib the most, the second cut smoked brisket was melt in your mouth delicious and his fried chicken was delicious. Kosherguru.


  1. Does he put stuff on the meat or its just slow smoked?

    1. Don't know, but all his stuff are damn good!

    2. Agree! Best food in Lakewood!!! It's the only thing I miss from Lakewood since I moved to the west coast. Go Joe!