Sunday, April 23, 2017

Oif Simchas Lakewood, NJ April, 23 2017

-Moadim L'simcha Chometz distribution at Excel park Dist center
-Mesivtos in Lakewood started the Summer zman

-Vort: Hachosson Shragi Mendlowitz to Kallah Michal Freundlich at  5 Olive  court, Lakewood 5pm
-Vort: Hachosson Shmuel Kenig to Kallah bas Reb Aron Schustal at 1110   
 Lexington Avenue, Lakewood 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Avrohom Chaim Fligman to Kallah Miriam Ellinson Bas R' Zissel  Bais Nosson Tzvi 14th street 6:30 pm
-Vort: Chosson Yaakov Lewin to Kallah Dewick at KNA Roberts shul 7:30- 9:30 
-Vort: Hachosson Dovid Kaufman- Kallah Gitty Landynski bas R' Moshe Chanoch  at Nadvorna B'M 5th and Monmouth, Lakewood NJ
-Vort: Chosson Yossi Weiss-  kallah Nussbaum Villas Club house 7:30 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Yanky Reich- to Kallah Liba Matzliach Bas R' Moshe at Ateres  Yeshaya hall 908 E County Line Lakewood
-Levi Berkowitz  engaged to Goldie Eichorn ( Lakewood)

-Wedding: Kapenstein- Crystal at Ateres Reva hall
-Chasuna: at Lake Terrace hall Daskal with Yoni Eliyav Band from Eretz Yisrael

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