Thursday, November 24, 2016

Letter: Looking for info on the Lakewood- Manhattan commute

Dear Fellow Lakewooders,
I am a Lakewood resident who recently got a job in Manhattan. I am new to the commuting schedule and have no familiarity with Lakewood-Manhattan busses. If anyone can provide information and contact info for such daily transportation between Lakewood and Manhattan, both ways, it would greatly appreciated. Also, if there is information about davening Shacharis, that would helpful. 
Also, perhaps readers can advise whether it is better to take a bus than to drive myself, and what the cost considerations are. Other helpful info would be with regard to driving to the end of Jersey, parking somewhere there, and then taking a train into Manhattan, and whether that is a viable option.
Thank you and tizku l'mitzvos.

A Lakewood Resident


  1. 1)Email for the minyan bus schedule.

    2)There is a kollel bus

    3)Dorado Park and ride in Brick express to Port Authority http://

    4)Drive to Cheesequake on GSP near 125 and take a bus from there

    5)Drive to Secaucus (NJTP Exit 15X) and take train from there

  2. I used to drive to journal square in Jersey City, park in a lot there and take the train in to the city.

  3. Park in Jersey city abut $10 a day and take the path train. Again depends where in the city your going. Fr downtown your best option is an Academy bus.

  4. Parking at Secaucus junction park n ride is costly. You can park on the side streets but its about a 20-25 minute walk to the station not recommended for a daily trip.

  5. Davening on a bus is a serious halachic problem. Unfortunately it has become a lechatchila to some people. If there is truly no other option, ask a shaala. But if there is any other option, possibly including davening biyechidus, that should be the first choice.

    1. What is the serious halachic problem? The LKWD midtown bus even stops for Shmoneh esrei. Why pray tell (pun intended) would davening biyechidus be better?

    2. Hmm, what about davening biyechidus on the bus? Along with 9 other people... Wait a minute. That's bad right?

  6. Lakewood midtown bus runs Mon-Thurs. It starts at Rt 9 & Chesterfield commons at 6:34 and goes to Dorado - leaving Dorado at 7. There is Shachris on the bus; on a day where no out of the ordinary traffic is expected, they stop for Shmone Esrei at Cheesquake.
    Once in the City, the bus goes across town on 34th or 36th St. from 9th Ave to Madison Ave and then up Madison Ave to 47th Street

    Bus leaves back to Lakewood starting 5:53 from 46th and 5th and the last stop in NYC is at 9th and 34th at 6:09. There is Mincha/Maariv (depending on the time of year)on the way home. Bus does not stop for Shmonah Esrai on way home.

    Another option is driving to north Bergen Park and ride. It's $10 for parking + a round trip bus ticket to PA. During busy times of the year the park and ride can be full as early as 8:30am.

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