Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End of cheap Gas in Joisey

The price of a gallon of gasoline went up about 23 cents a gallon on Tuesday, in New Jersey. Motorists lined up last night close to midnight to fill up for the last time taking advantage of Jersey's cheap gas tax. in Lakewood, Exxon gas is now at $2.39 a gallon. BP is $2.17 QuickCheck at Cedarbridge $2.13, BJ's Gas in Howell still at $1.87.
Adding +23 cents Lkwd, Exxon



  1. Where is tonight's Planning Board Agenda??

  2. 3rd street 2nd floor hanging on the wall not on the township website?..

  3. Thank you to Bob Singer and assembly men Kean and Rible the only Republicans who backed this. The Vaad endorsed them. Vote them all out next November.

  4. We couldn't rely on our fiscally "conservative" governor. In fact, he was the proponent for this tax, with the audacity to sell it as a way that we will end up SAVING money...

    We need to find representation that will find ways to cut spending - rather then keep raising and raising our damn taxes.

    Mr. Christie's legacy will forever remain (besides Bridggate) that he ended the only redeeming aspect of this once great State (cheap gas).

    Highest property taxes. From the highest gas taxes.

    Just wait for even more businesses to flee this State.

    It's time to leave.....

  5. "Joisey" is what New Yawkers call us but feel sorry for them too no more trips to Joizeee for cheap gas