Thursday, November 17, 2016

Agudah convention begins tonight, Sunday keynote will discuss Lakewoods growth

The 2016 Agudah convention commences tonight in Stamford, CT. There will be a live streamed program HERE  hosted by Lakewood Agudah rep Rabbi Avi Schnall. The Sunday morning keynote will discuss the explosive Growth in local communities such as Lakewood, Monsey and other areas.

Explosive Growth, Explosive Blowback: The Specter of Rising Anti-Semitism in Local Communities Rabbi Yaakov Bender Ari Felberman Rabbi Avi Schnall  Yehuda Weissmandl MODERATOR Rabbi Yochonon Donn


  1. It's very simple. We turned Lakewood into a mess so Jackson Howell and Toms River don't want us to do the same. That doesn't make them anti semetic.

  2. I wouldn't agree with that. 35 years ago you couldn't walk on most parts of Lakewood without 2 bodyguards. Clifton Lexington Monmouth Park Ave Ridge Ave etc were so bad you couldn't even go there in broad daylight. Our community took an inner city crime infested city and made it livable and established new businesses and office buildings galore.

    1. yes. but then we went a bit too far with the construction.
      some of the concern from jackson and TR is legitimate, but if you go on the "strong" FB pages and other social media it is obvious that some of it comes from anti-Semitism.

  3. If we would have grown responsibly with improved infrastructure, streets and water then we would take a lot of the neighboring towns complaints away. Instead the powers that be just build and build and build to the detriment of the many to cater to the wants of a few.

  4. Has The Agudah consulted with Herschel before arranging this session. I mean, like you know, wassup guys, are we doing this or not?

  5. The Problem is that the Yehudim are Gobeling up entire Townships and Counties all in the same areas around Nyc it is time to move out into other States further out in Pensylvania Ohio, the Midwest where there is lots of empty land not in prime locations. There are Millions of Mormons in Utah and Amish in Pennsylvania and nobody notices them and they don't make it into the news everyday Yackov Avinu instructed his children how to survive Golus "Penu Lachem Tzefona" (Hide yourself don't be in the face of Eisav all day, Eisav does not want to see you all day where Eisav Lives Works and Vacations = Manhattan and its environs and Jersey city)