Sunday, October 16, 2016

Simchas Bais Hashoeva Lakewood 5777

Thursday night:
-Bais Medrash Govoha at Bais Aaron campus 10th and Madison 9:00 pm
-Roberts shul KNA 8:00 pm (carnival thurs 11:30-5:00 at Lakewoood cheder)
-Stolin BM 153 East 7th After 8:30 Maariv
-BM Albert Thursday night at 8:45 in the Sukkah (Maariv 8:30).
-Chateau Sefard 8:00 pm 
-Somerset Walk 8:30 @Rav's succah 84 Ponderosa 
-Chesterfield commons 9:00 pm 
Rav Friedman at his home 1464 Fernwood 
Rav Oelbaum at his home 8 forest park Circle
-Spruce Shul At Rov's house 1301 Lexington 9:30
-Ohr Mattisyohu-  8:00 at 4 Grandview Drive off Joe Parker Food Wine Music.
-Bobov Lakewood 21 N. Apple at 8:00 pm tonight
-Ohr Gedalaya In the sukkah @1180 Coughlin from 8:oo -11:00

(Lutzk B"M with Shimmy Engel)

Motzei Tom Tov: Tuesday night
Ohr Yechezkel  Ridge in Sukkah 9:45
BM kelmwood (Westgate) 9:00 pm

Wednesday night:
-Stolin B"M 153 East 7th After 8:30 Maariv
-Breslev B"M at 426 6th street
-Lutzk 7:00 pm in the shul sukkah
-Chabad Tonight!Please join us for a Farbrengin/Beis Hoshoeiva. Enjoy hartziga niggunim topped with beautiful and profound insights on Sukkos from the Rov.10:00 in our spacious Sukkah (Central Ave across Hollywood)
-Reb Leima Wilhelm Shlita at succah 408 8th street 9:45 pm
-B"M of Westgate 7:45 pm in the shul

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