Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Star- K presents : The Sabbath mode what is or not allowed, Lakewood event

The sugya of shabbos mode in appliances is  a complicated one with various opinions amongst the Poskim. Yet many don't know the actual metzius regarding the technical stuff. Star- K Kashrus will host a seminar in Lakewood tomorrow evening Wednesday June 1st about the shabbos mode in your oven. Hear from the engineer Mr. Jonah Ottensoser, Star-K Engineering Consultant who invented and designed the Shabbos mode and a Halachic perspective from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann,
Star-k Rabbinic administrator. Event will take place at  Kehal Zichron Yaakov Rav Gissinger's shul 175 Sunset at 8:00pm.


  1. The Star-K's goal is to have everyone leave confused.
    Rav Shlomo Miller, Rav Shternbuch among many others ruled that it's ossur to use the Star-K' shabbos friendly appliances.
    It's a shaila of a "Di'Oiraisah".

  2. This is important because appliances don't break Halalchic, people break Halalchic.

    1. appliances don't bake cakes. people bake cakes. while using appliances.