Monday, May 30, 2016

Route 9 expansion, not so fast

A meeting was held last week in Lakewood attended by officials from the State, NJTPA, Local township, BMG administration, and the Voice of Lakewood. The local residents will first have an opportunity to give their advice and recommendations at a meeting planned for July, once the plan has already been recommended.  Several recommendations were made by officials who do not live or reside in Lakewood, among them providing Left turn lanes along Rt 9, diverting traffic to Cedar bridge and have RT 9 be a one way street for the stretch of roadway parallel to Cedarbridge Avenue. Widening Rt 9 which would take care of all problems is unfeasible at this point due to the
tremendous investments and high costs involved in the project. Read article below from The Voice of Lakewood.


  1. Who is to blame for all those access points (Sterling Forest ect.).

    1. Dont worry they are busy approving more for the S. Side of the 9

  2. This guy Gordon Meth is hallucinating. Anyone that travels on the 9 knows that the traffic isn't caused by left turning cars. And the plan to divert traffic to Cedarbridge? Is he crazy? Has he ever been to that intersection?
    In my opinion he's a paid hack by state officials to promote some half-hearted ideas instead them having to deal with the problem rationally which would cost a lot of $

  3. In my opinion they will never widen the 9. Bec once they do they will have no one left to blame for Lkwd traffic problems caused by all of the haphazard developments. Right now they can blame everything on the state for not widening the 9.

  4. I would suggest an out of the box idea. A lot of the rt 9 traffic is from trucks and trailers who are not destined to Lakewood, they use Lakewood as their through fare between south jersey and north jersey.
    So a few options, the most effective for the least cost and something which can be done immediatley would be to change the 9 from river ave to divert to cedarbridge then to New Hampshire into Toms river or it can go back to river ave via the 70.
    All this trucks have to go with the state rt 9, once switched they will be prohibited from traveling river ave, so it will be exclusively for local traffic.
    For long/mid term they can work in changing the GSP to allow trucks and trailers.
    This all will need to be done even they widen rt 9, not now but in a 20/30 yrs from now.