Thursday, April 21, 2016

Info Erev Pesach Lakewood

Madison Pharmacy open until 3:45 pm  Erev Pesach

Erev Pesach matzos: Lakewood Matzo Bakery will have erev pesach matzos no  pre order required pick up at 4:30 at the matzah bakery on Prospect.

Erev Pesach checklist HERE (Yiddish)

Lakewood: Sof zman achilas Chometz 10:15 sof zman Biur 11:36

Free food: Bakery & Take out food now Free at Gourmet Glatt

Rav Gissinger shul: There will iyh be a siyum after the 6:15, 7:00, 8:00 & 8:30 Shachris minyonim tomorrow morning.

Sanz Lkwd Siyum seudas mitzva Erev Pesach Keyad Hamelech 754 River Ave

Stores open late: Aisle 9 packed, All super markets open late full with shoppers. 

Tonight: in Bais Mordechai- Siyum on meseches bchoros lrfua shelaima REFAEL ARON BEN SARA 10:40 followed by tehillim at BY HS James St. Please bring tehilim.

Bonkey's in Westgate bedikas chometz bash till 12:30 $1 water ice

Lots of Police around, traffic in pre pesach rush

Lakewood Bais Horaah will be open until 12 am tonight for Mechiras chometz and phone shailos 732-905-9992

Bais din Tzedek of Lakewood: Mechiras Chometz 1416 Fernwood avenue all day to zman Bedika and than from 11 pm and on

Hagallah: Kashering today at 105 Clifton 1- 11pm
 56 Carey street (backyard) corner Princeton 10- 7pm 9:30 -11 pm

Garbage: Bulk drop off locations HERE

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  1. What is the hashgacha for the hagoloas keilem?