Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Yeshiva capital of the world

TOMS RIVER — The township adopted an ordinance Tuesday night barring real estate solicitors from two areas in the North Dover section of town. The ordinance passed with a 5-0 vote from the Township Council, and will remain in effect for five years."You know what's going on in Lakewood, they want to make it the Yeshiva capital of the world and God bless them if they do, but they're using up all the space in Lakewood and they're spilling over," Kelaher said.  At issue is what residents in the area, which shares a border with Lakewood, describe as "intense, incessant and intimidating direct solicitations" of real estate, according to the ordinance. Though many of the real estate agents hail from Lakewood, a town with a booming Orthodox Jewish population, Toms River Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher stressed that this ordinance is not anti-Semitic in nature. "It's strictly based on the type of conduct (the realtors) rely on," Kelaher said in a phone interview with NJ Advance Media. Read more at


  1. Wow , the residents of the slums of S. Philly know about Lakewood as they cursed... a frum developer trying to redevelop their slum.We're Famous, NOT

  2. Pure antisemites
    They don't really care about the knocking which really doesn't happen all that often they care about the jewsspilling into their towns gasp
    Imagine if you filled in the blanks from the words Hasidics and replaced with Arab blacks or Hispanics imagine the outcry

    1. I respectfully disagree. They are fearful of being overtaken and marginalized by any community that is insular and detests assimilation. They would not fight if conservative or reform families wanted to move in.

  3. For Toms River et al, the Hatred helps them DEAL with their HEROIN epidemic found in those large white homes

  4. Its starting..

  5. it is time to move to Yardley , Bensalem , Allentown Pennsylvania Wilmington Delaware and Cleveland Ohio