Friday, February 26, 2016

Do you know there were fire elections?

 Talk about insulting its readership. You wouldn't know there were elections for fire commissioner if you get your news from the Lakewood scoop or the voice of Lakewood or the Lakewood shopper. None of them reported much on the elections both prior and even this week what the results were and who one. The Yated Neeman did cover it in the Lakewood section. While you may say who cares about fire elections? well it was only last few years that both the the scoop and the shopper went to town with full coverage of the elections pushing for their candidate. If it was not of that importance why did the Lakewood vaad go all out with robo calls and placards asking the residents to come and vote on Motzei shabbos? Dont call yourself the voice or heartbeat of the community when you withhold news items for other reasons.


  1. I dont read the Yated. And my IP has been blocked by the Scoop years ago along with half of this town.
    So that leaves me here getting the TRUTH from HV. Thank you!!!

  2. The Yated didn't quite get the story straight either. So even they are not to be trusted.

  3. It was an embarrasing loss for the vaad. Instaed of supporting Moshe Raitzik who was already running they came in last minute with confidence putting up their candidate and they lost to the seniors. The olam is sick and tired of askanim not being upfront about all the back door deals going on.